After getting a bottle of Arizona’s Ice Tea and a bag of chips, Macy settled at a picnic table and waited for Raine. The pit of her stomach was filled with mixed emotions. She couldn’t wait to have time alone with Raine but along with that she was actually nervous. To make matters worse, Trent Fisher was heading her way from across the grassy area.

She groaned internally, hoping and praying that Fisher would disappear before Raine showed up. “Hey Macy,” he said, sitting down across from her without an invitation. “What’s up?”

“Hi Fisher,” she muttered, “Actually I’m waiting for someone.”

“Oh.” He whispered, turning as cherry red as his mess of curly hair. But he controlled his face and asked, “But you can talk now, right?”

Macy hesitated. Fisher was probably one of the nicest guys at St. Allen. There was something about him that forbade Macy from pushing him aside along with the rest of the guys who had taken to liking her. It definitely wasn’t the fire hair or the mass of freckles … but there was something. She gave in. “Sure Fisher. I can talk for a little while.” She causally looked around, waiting for Raine to come in and rescue her.

Macy survived ten long minutes of chatting with Fisher before Raine found her at the table. They locked eyes from across the lunch area and Macy’s face brightened up before she could control her emotions. She glanced down quickly as Raine made his way toward her.

“Is this seat taken?” Raine asked with a sweet smile playing on his lips as Fisher stood up hastily.

“Ah no … I was just leaving.” He said in a rushed voice, answering for Macy and pacing away without a goodbye.

“Uh ok. Bye.” Raine laughed and took the bench Fisher had just been sitting at. “So hi.”

“Hi,” Macy responded shyly. She knew something was wrong; she’s never been the one to get shy around cute guys. “What’s up?”

He shrugged, “Nothing much. Can I have a chip?”

Macy mimicked him with a shrug as he grabbed one anyway, “Ha, ha sure ... so what do you wanna talk about?” She leaned her crossed arms up on the table and stared at him.

“Let’s talk about you.” he revealed, leaning forward also as Macy blushed, glancing down.

“Um okay. Ask me something.”

“Yes, because I really do feel like interviewing you.” There was a silence and then he smiled again. “I’m kidding, Macy.”

“Right.” She took a deep breath, ran some fingers through her hair and calmed herself. This was just another guy … another cute guy though. She needed to start acting more like herself. “Let’s play truth,” she suggested.


“Ya know that game? You ask each other questions and find out stuff.”

“Oh right. So … can I win?”

At that moment, Macy made up her mind. She settled on forgetting the fact that this was one of her older brother’s friends and that she should definitely not be flirting with him by replacing her nervous smile with a flirty one, “Only if I decided to pass up a question.”

“Ah, the ultimate goal. You first.”

“Um ok … um how old are you?”

“Eighteen. How old are you?”

“Sixteen. What grade are you in?”

“I’m a senior. Like your brother … and Dalton.” He rolled his eyes. “And you?”

“Sophomore,” Macy squeaked. In the back of her mind she wondered: could I really get with a senior? She didn’t answer her own question though. Instead stated, “These are boring questions.”

Raine chuckled, “Okay. Let’s make it interesting.” He hinted for her to ask a more revealing question.

Macy sighed; it was time to put her magic to work. She leaned in closer across the table in a way that made it unnoticeable. Then she looked up from under her long lashes and asked in a slightly seductive voice, “Are you a virgin?”

“Nope,” he said in a somewhat sad voice that surprised Macy. But what surprised her more was the fact that he didn’t turn the question back on her. “What er … who do you think I am?”

That stumped her. “You seem … a bit like the bad boy type. But that was only my first judgment. My second judgment was more like … why is someone cool like you hanging around with my loser brother?” She giggled behind her hand, “And then of course, I threw all that out the window and concluded that … well … you’re kinda hot.” That stumped him. Macy smiled softly; she lived for that little shocked expression that jumped across a guy’s face after she admitted something friendship/relationship altering.

“Huh,” was all Raine muttered.

“What?” She shrugged her shoulders slowly.

But he just snorted, scratched his dark hair and asked, “You think I’m bada*s, Macy?”

She burst out into loud laughter that shook her whole entire body while Raine just stared on until she finally gave in with a sarcastic nod. “Yes Raine. I think you’re the bad a*s-y of the all.”

“Good answer.”

The End

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