“Really, I don’t want a drink,” Macy muttered, looking down at her sandals.

“What?” Dalton asked in a way that seemed to work with a hand on hip kind of move, “You think I’m gonna drug you or something?”

No,” she snapped, “You don’t seem like … too much of a jerk.” She smirked a little, “But we gotta figure out something to do for Brandon … so I don’t really care about drinks.”

“I agree. Damn Raine, why’d you suggest drinks in the first place?” Dalton set soda cans on the counter and strolled into the living room first, leaving Raine and Macy alone.

“Sorry about him.” Raine whispered.

“Its fine,” she shrugged, turning back toward the couches. In the other room, Dalton patted the spot beside him but Macy declined, sitting down next to Raine. Who looked … indifferent. Was that what he really was? Not mysterious or dangerous … just indifferent?

“So what’s the plan, Dalton?” Raine asked quietly.

“We borrow from my brother.”

“That’s the plan?!” Macy screamed suddenly, getting into his face. “That’s it?! How are you gonna borrow that much money?! Its four hundred dollars!”

“You know, I do like a feisty girl,” was all Dalton said and Macy sat back down, defeated.

“Stop doing that.” She snapped, crossing her arms over her chest. “I guess you really are a jerk,” she shrugged, “Or just an a*s.”

“I could give it to ya in the a*s.” Dalton replied and Macy stormed away, down the only hallway into the first door she saw. A bedroom.

Raine waited for the door to slam before he glared at Dalton. “Can you refrain from being a pervert for even five seconds?”

“Maybe.” Dalton replied with a finger tapping his chin. “Then again, it sounded like she went into my room …” he started to stand up.

“I swear if you touch her … I’ll kill you. And so will Brandon.”

“Calm down, bro. I’m not gonna do anything to her. I’m just messing around.” Dalton plopped back down on the couch.

“No you aren’t bro. I know you enough to know when you’re serious. And if you so much as make one more sex joke, don’t look forward to seeing tomorrow.”

“She’s my tomorrow.” Dalton joked with a chuckle, “And tonight.” He lay back with his hands behind his head and smiled as Raine went off to find Macy.

Raine knocked on the door slowly and then opened it. “Macy?” he whispered, “Look, I’m sorry about Dalton.”

“It’s okay,” she replied. She was sitting under the window with her arms wrapped around her knees. “You told me to watch out for him.” Raine didn’t reply and she spoke again, “He’s just messing around anyway.” She sounded like she was reassuring herself.

“Oh, yeah. Uh huh. Let’s just go.”

“Okay,” she muttered inaudibly, standing up to walk toward him. “I’ll give you a ride back to school for your bike if you want.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

As they left, Dalton apologized sincerely but Macy wasn’t ready to buy that. Neither was Raine. He knew Dalton was up to something more than just messing around with a cute girl. Who knows? He could have planned the whole thing with Brandon or something. But then Raine thought about how stupid that sounded and decided to just forget about it.

The following day was a Tuesday and as Macy sat in her last class before lunch, her phone vibrated. It was Raine; they had chatted a lot and swapped numbers on the way back to school. 

The message read: Can i come in 2 skool for lunch wit u?

Macy typed back under her desk: Yea jus go 2 da back courtyd

Ok see ya :)

Macy smiled secretly before placing her phone back into her tote bag. Having lunch with Raine. Ah. That thought made her dread the next fifteen minutes left of class she had to endure. But still, afterwards, she’ll be sitting with mystery boy Raine. Who knows, maybe she’ll crack the code and he’d become less of a mystery.

The End

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