She smiled briefly at him but her smile faded. “What happened with my brother?”

“He uh … owes some guys,” Raine said in a low voice. “Um … Brandon, me and some other people were hanging out late around an old building. Well, sort of.”

“Could you explain the sort of part?”

“It wasn’t his fault. Uh but it wasn’t mine either. We were just playing cards. But one of the guys turned the game around with a big bet and my friend dared Brandon to ya know, put all his money out. Stupid idea but yea, Brandon was trying to show out and he did. But it turns out it the bid reached like four hundred dollars worth and he didn’t have that kind of money … I mean, I didn’t either … so we ran.”

“So some thugs are after you guys for money?” Macy clarified.

“Yeah, pretty much.” Macy was silent. “Turn here.”

“And where are we going now?”

“To one of the other guy’s places. Dalton. He’s got a way to help Brandon out of this. It’s practically his fault anyway.”

“But he obviously isn’t gonna pay himself … so what’s the plan?”

“That’s what I don’t know yet. But um … just to warn you. Dalton is … kind of … a dick.” He scoffed, “Just … don’t get comfortable around him. You’ll regret it.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Macy wondered, mulling over his choice of words.

“I’ll explain later. His is the first one on the left.” She turned her car into a small white house with a little lawn of dead grass.

Cutting off the engine, she faced Raine. “Someone to have my guard up around I’m guessing?”

“Definitely.” They got out of her car together and strolled up the short driveway to the door. After getting nervous, Macy fluffed her short, brown curls for a moment to calm herself. And then the door opened and there stood Dalton.

He seemed a bit taken back by how pretty Macy was but she smiled to herself; she got that quite a lot.

“Hey bro,” Raine said, letting Macy walk inside before him. Dalton shut the door, still not saying a word. Maybe he wanted his first ones to sound a little bit educated despite what Macy could read from his face: him going gaga over her. Like almost every other guy she’s ever met.

“Hey. Who’s this sexy thing right here?” Dalton said in a mystifying voice after collecting himself.

She’s Macy,” Raine snarled, “Brandon’s sister.”

“Oh right. Hey. Nice to meet you.” Macy didn’t reply; she could only smile after the sexy thing comment. “You want something to drink? A beer? A soda?”

“No thanks. I’m fine.”

Yes you are,” Dalton interrupted and Macy pinked. But then she had to remember who she really was. If this was some guy at school hitting on her, she wouldn’t get all nervous or flustered. She ruled over her school and this one guy wasn’t going to make her forget that.

“Just tell me what’s up.” She snapped and he smiled. Uh oh.

“Ah, a girl who takes charge. I like that. Where do you go to school, Macy?”

“St. Allen Prep.”

“Sounds like a private school. What kind of girls would you say go there?”

“Enough already, Dalton.” Raine growled, “Stop hitting on every girl you meet.” He muttered under his breath, “Manwhore.”

“I am not a whore,” Dalton said, defending himself. “I just like ‘em.” He winked at Macy and led them into an undersized living room with an entryway leading to a miniature kitchen. Everything in his place seemed to be small. “I’ll get some drinks.”

Slowly, Macy sat down on one of the two ugly, brown couches across from a television as Raine followed Dalton into the kitchen. She could hear them talking through the thin walls even though it was obvious they were trying to whisper.

“She’s Brandon sister for God sakes!” Raine hissed.

“So? What’s your point? I bet I could get myself in bed with her.” Dalton definitely sounded like the typical jerk. Then the refrigerator door opened as someone got punched. Him probably.

“So, my point is, stop it already. All she wants is to get Brandon out of this. And it’s your fault he’s there anyway.”

The frig door closed. “You like her, don’t you?” Dalton taunted but they stopped talking as Macy quickly entered the doorway. She really wasn’t in the mood for another guy chasing her at a time like this. Even if it was this mystery boy Raine …

The End

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