Far From Broken

The following morning, Raine hesitantly agreed to drive Macy over to Ellie’s office. She ignored his questions and just explained that it was something she needed to do. She told him to wait in the car though because it was something she needed to do, but by herself. 

Taking the elevator up, Macy closed her eyes and steadied her breath. She was fine, she could do this. 

She knocked quietly on Ellie’s door and entered when Ellie said, “Come in!” kindly. But her expression darkened when she saw Macy standing there. 

Macy closed the door behind her and approached the desk, whispering, “Hi,” with a soft smile. 

“Hello.” Ellie’s voice was cold, making the temperature in the room feel equally as cool, but Macy knew if she didn’t speak up now, she wouldn’t be able to later.

She kept eye contact and said, “I'm sorry I haven't been coming anymore.” Ellie nodded but offered up nothing so Macy continued, “I just wanted you to have this. I wrote it down. Everything. And I .. I feel better.” 

She handed a notebook to Ellie who still hadn't spoken since hello. 

“I wanted to tell you thanks. For everything. You've been harsh sometimes but have really helped me. And I'm just … I just feel lucky to have met you.” 

Finally Ellie half-smiled and replied, “You're welcome. I'm glad to have met you as well. And I hope to see you again soon, on better terms and under better circumstances. We have to keep in touch.” 

“Most definitely.” Macy nodded as she went around the side of Ellie's desk for a hug and Ellie reluctantly stood to give her one.

“I think you're one of the first clients I've hugged.” 

“Don't think of me as a client then. I'd consider you a friend. The tough love kind anyway.” Macy laughed as she rolled her eyes.

“Good enough for me. Good luck in your future Macy. And don't allow anything or anybody to ever hold you back again from anything you want to do.” 

“Thanks Ellie. Good luck in yours too. I know you're raising amazing kids.” 

Ellie's smile spread wider. If anything else, her kids were the most important thing to her. Beside her clients. But in a way, her clients were children too. All needing some type of help or guidance to get them into the next step of their lives. 

She had pushed Macy to let go and heal and move on and now Macy was finally ready. She wasn't necessarily back to her old sassy self, but in a way she was. Of course the sass was there, but now she was more of herself than she had been before. 

She was stronger and wiser and had survived an experience many others would allow to break them. Macy was far from broken. She was braver and held the power to pass over even more odds than before. 

Finally, Macy felt like she had really broken free of her bondage—her own memories—and was liberated. She had her own personal superhero, James Bond, and an exciting summer ahead of her that she planned to fully enjoy. 

As Macy rejoined Raine in the car, she couldn’t hide her huge smile. “What is it?” he asked, staring at her curiously. 

“Nothing, I’m just happy. Kiss me.” Raine laughed loudly at her request but leaned over anyway and held onto her face. 

“I love you, Miss Macy Summers.” He declared while staring into her eyes. 

The next words that came out of her mouth were not what he was expecting and together they burst out laughing. “And I love you … Mr. James Bond.” 

The End

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