Twenty minutes later, Macy and Raine were seated across each other at Waffle House.

“I could have sworn this was an IHop when we passed it,” Raine claimed as Macy just shook her head, laughing at him.

“It’s okay, really. I wanted waffles anyway.”

“Okay.” He reached under the table, squeezing her hands as she smiled at him.

Just then their waiter appeared and they broke apart. They ordered waffles, bacon and eggs and then started a light conversation as they waited for the food to arrive. But Macy kept fidgeting in her seat as Raine glanced at her nervously. 

“Are … are you okay?” he asked hesitantly, fearing for the worse, but her answer made him chuckle.

“I’m freezing!” she hissed between clenched teeth as she clutched her jacket tighter around her.

Without a second thought, Raine slid over to her side of the booth and wrapped his arms around her. “Better?”

“Much, thank you.” Minutes later, their food came and they dug in happily.

“It’s only like 12:30ish, Macy. What do you want to do?” Raine asked as they sat side by side inside his car.

The dark prevented Raine from seeing her face but he could see her hands in the little bit of street light shining in. Her fingers twisted back and forth together as she cracked her knuckles and Raine just watched her for a second, fascinated by the fact he could tell so much from such a small movement.

He reached over, releasing her fingers from the bent position of her hands and brought them to his lips. “Calm down, we don’t have to sit in the car. We could go back to my place, or yours.”

“Okay,” she whispered.

The electricity inside the car was unbelievable and although just a few hours ago she was feeling shaken up, she found herself feeling like flinging her body into Raine’s waiting lap. He must have felt that way too, because he started the car quickly and kept his eyes on the road.

They rode in silence for a few minutes until Macy finally said quietly, “Could you stop the car somewhere please?”

“Macy …” Raine stated in an equally quiet voice.

“Raine …” she couldn’t hide her giggles but tried to keep a straight face.

“This is not the time or place.” His words said one thing but his body said another. The hands tightening on the steering wheel, the small movement he made with his hips in his seat and the few quick sideway glances at her.

“Please,” she begged silently and his defenses broke down.

As he parked in an abandoned lot, he suddenly laughed out loud. “Deja vu.”

“I know, seriously.” She laughed along with him as she leaned over the center console, searching for his lips in the darkness.

The End

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