The club was 45 minutes away from Macy’s house so they didn’t make it to that side of town until around 10:20ish. But it was perfect timing, because nobody goes to clubs early, whether they’re newly opened or not.

It took an extra ten minutes to find parking, but Raine finally did about a block away from the building. He locked the doors and took Macy’s hand as they started down the sidewalk. A smile was on her face but she was quiet, so Raine kept silently looking at her sideways.

“Raine, I’m fine,” Macy promised him and he nodded slowly.

“I know. You’re just quiet. You look really great though.” Raine glanced at her outfit for probably the tenth time.

“Thanks.” But she didn’t say anything else and he looked at her again.

“What exactly are you thinking?” he wondered.


“Nothing? With a look like that on your face?”

“Okay fine. I’m just happy. Can I not be happy?”

“You can, you can.” He laughed, shaking his head in disbelief. “I’m happy too. And we’re gonna have so much fun tonight.”

“If you say so. You might want to knock on that wood post over there though.”

“Don’t need to, I’m not superstitious. Tonight is gonna be fun. I’m claiming it.” He kissed her cheek as they approached the front of the club. Loud bass could be heard through the double doors and through the giant bouncer standing in front of them. Raine and Macy handed over their IDs, but the guy barely looked before handing them back and opening the door.

“Let’s party!” Macy screamed happily, keeping a tight hold on Raine’s hand as they entered. She surveyed the area, starting to get really excited. The dance floor, crammed with bodies, took up the majority of the room while the outskirts on the left contained alcoves with couches and tables and the right had a long bar with plenty of stools.

The music was overpowering, making it hard to hear anything else. Not that anyone was trying to hold conversations anyway. Mouths were either singing the words to the song, laughing, drinking, or pressed up against other mouths. The club was packed with people everywhere, teens all together just trying to have a good time.

Raine led Macy right to the dance floor without another word. He spun her around once before pushing his way through the crowd to get into the thick of the dancing. He held both her hands as they faced each other and started dancing fast. The pop music was upbeat, causing everyone to jump up and down. They danced for what felt like forever and sweat poured down on them as well as the surrounding people.

After over an hour or so, Raine leaned into Macy and yelled, “I’m gonna go get a drink! Do you want anything?!” Macy shook her head no as Raine squeezed her hand. “Are you gonna be okay?!” She nodded yes rather than complicating things and so Raine disappeared into the crowd.

Macy danced alone for a while, but panic slowly started to set in. It was taking Raine forever to get back to her, what was keeping him? She focused on the music, keeping beat and moving back and forth. But it was a struggle and after a few more minutes, Macy found herself really panicking.

She kept telling herself that everything was fine and tonight was about fun, but she couldn’t even believe her own thoughts.

Breaking her out of her trance, someone’s hands reached out and grabbed her waist. Macy’s calm exterior broke and the frantic feeling inside of her was clear on her face.

Quickly pushing the hands away, Macy pictured them being Dalton’s and imagined turning around to see his smirk. The past couple of weeks flashed through her head in a fast pace and she couldn't handle the amount of flashbacks tormenting her.

She questioned running for it, but hesitantly turned around to face her fears. Instead, she found Raine, with a very hurt expression on his face he just couldn’t hide.

The End

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