Letting Go

“I like the sound of that.” Macy admitted with a small smile.

“Well good. Let’s do something fun tonight. To celebrate.” Raine decided in the spur of the moment. “You know that new club opened up on the other side of town.”

“Club isn’t really my scene.” She countered.

“See, you sound like scared you again.” He shook his head back and forth but laughed as she slapped him yet again.

“I was never scared!”

“Mhmm. What happened to the girl on the back of my motorcycle?”

“I’m sitting right here! Let’s go to the d*mn club!”

“Now that’s my girl.” Raine kissed her cheek. “Get dolled up. I’ll come back to pick you up later.”

Macy raised her eyebrows at him. “Dolled up? Sometimes I swear you’re from a different time period.”

“Oh I am. But it keeps things interesting, doesn’t it? I’ll see you later.” He kissed her cheek again and left through the front door.  

Macy took a long shower to sooth herself before getting ready to go out with Raine. His comment earlier was on repeat in her head. Had she really become so much less of herself? She hadn’t noticed.

She sat down in front of her mirror, contemplating how to do her hair for tonight while also thinking about everything that had happened. So much. So much. In such a small amount of time. It’s crazy how when you’re going through something, time moves so quickly. So much is going on; everything is so right in your face and in the moment. But then you look back and realize just how little time actually passed.

Macy shook her head, pushing thoughts of the past away. From now on she vowed to move on and let go. It was the only way.

She twisted her hair up into a messy bun, suddenly feeling very sluggish and lazy. Almost as if deciding to move on and let go was the hardest thing she had ever done.

Trying to find the perfect outfit for Raine, Macy opened her closest and looked through it. She would never admit it to him, but she enjoyed tempting him and seeing how he reacted to certain things. So at first, she searched for the shortest and sexiest dress she could find. But after trying on a tight red dress of barely any fabric, she felt uncomfortable and too exposed.

Instead, Macy pulled out a hot pink dress with a swing to the skirt. She paired it with a cheetah print belt, denim jacket and brown sandals. She didn’t feel like wearing anything too tight because clubs already meant bodies pressed tightly to each other. She knew she’d probably be dancing with Raine the majority of the night, but the thought of not dancing with him made her second guess any extremely sexy dresses. She double checked her outfit in the mirror, smiled at what she saw and then headed down the stairs to wait for Raine.

The End

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