Moving On

“Is there really a way to put this all behind us? Like, can we just start enjoying … this … again?” Macy whispered against Raine’s shoulder as he cradled her in his arms on her sofa. He squeezed her hand sweetly and kissed the top of her head.

“I wish there was … I mean, I know there is … I just don’t want to push you.” Raine whispered back. He struggled to find the words. “I … I want everything to be okay … but I’m so worried about doing the wrong thing, or taking the wrong step.” He was getting frustrated and she could hear it in his voice.

Macy squeezed his hand back, “There’s nothing wrong that you could ever do.”

There was silence for a moment despite the television quietly in the background. “Actually I could think of a lot wrong things that I do possibly do.”

Macy chuckled, “Yeah, sure. Name one.”

“I could—“

But she cut him off quickly, “Make me happy. Like you always do. So quick worrying and just, just shut up and kiss me.”

Macy was cracking up now and Raine just shook his head back and forth. He lifted her off his lap with ease and turned her around to face him. Her laughter was gone now and the look on her face was shocked and indescribable, so then he really started laughing. He moved her hips close into him so she couldn’t sit comfortably without wrapping her legs around him and then took her face into his hands, staring at her curiously.

“What?” she snapped, raising her eyebrows.

“That was the first time in a while you sounded like your old self.” He smiled and laughed again.

“You miss the bossy b*tch me?”

“Oh, I didn’t say that. You were never a b*tch. But you knew what you wanted and knew what to say to get it. And you didn’t take sh*t from anyone. Be yourself again.”

“I’m trying,” she struggled to say through his hands, sighing loudly.

“Remember the first time I met you?” Raine shook his head, thinking back to that day in the hallway. “You were … feisty.” She slapped his shoulder. “In a good way, in a good way. You were just so sassy and attractive.”

“Oh so I’m not attractive anymore.”

“I didn’t say that either. Ha-ha, stop putting words in my mouth!”

“Okay, okay,” she put up her hands in surrender.

It was as if the return of her old self gave Raine the strength to go on. “I’m just trying to say … even though we’ve been through a lot and so much has happened … I know, I know its gonna be okay. You’re gonna be okay. Everything is gonna be okay.” He kissed her forehead, nose and lips.

The End

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