Raine parked in Macy’s driveway and stopped the car, staring squarely at her yet again.

“What?” she snapped and he put his hands up as to surrender.

“Nothing. Just … just seems like something is wrong.” He countered, raising his eyebrows.

“Okay, look. I’m just tired of this, okay? I’m tired of staring at Ellie every day and I’m tired of talking about Dalton.”

“Well have you told her everything? Because I mean, if you’ve really moved on and you’re okay, you can stop going.”

Macy shook her head slowly, but blatantly lied, “I have told her everything.”

“Oh. Well why didn’t you say so? You don’t have to go anymore.” Raine smiled and patted her cheek happily. “Everything is working out okay, isn’t it?”

“It is,” Macy replied with a smile back. As she leaned into his hand, he cupped her chin with the other and kissed her lips softly.

She just lied to my face, Raine thought sadly as they walked up the driveway hand-in-hand.

He lied back to me, Macy thought.

She felt like they had just crossed a line that shouldn’t be crossed. They had both just lied straight to each other, almost effortlessly.


I had to, he countered to himself, as if those words would make him feel better about what he had just done. But Raine was beginning to feel like he did have to. He was beginning to feel like Macy would never be okay again and beginning to feel like it was his fault. He kept forcing her to talk to Ellie, forcing her to repeatedly play the victim. But she was stronger than this and they both knew that.

Raine decided in that moment to just stop. In the beginning, he had believed that to fix everything, she just needed to get everything out in the open. But just because the truth is out, doesn’t mean it changes anything. Just because the truth is known, doesn’t mean it’s been dealt with.

He was tired, tired of seeing her hurt, because seeing her hurt, hurt him too. He just wanted everything to be okay, so they could enjoy their time together again and so they could actually have some fun again.

So if believing her lie and lying back was what it took for everything to go back to normal, he was more than willing.

He knew Macy was most likely lying to protect him from her real pain and he reluctantly accepted that. Dalton had taken up too much of their time together. She knew it and Raine knew it as well. And now it was the time to really and truly just move on.

Even though to Raine, a lie was a lie no matter how big or small, this was one lie he could tell. Because it just might solve everything.

Just might, he thought sadly.

The End

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