A Little Dip

“That is very true,” Raine said with a laugh. And despite the conversation they had just had last week, he spread Macy's legs around him, kissing her passionately. She pressed her body tightly into his as they kissed, enjoying every moment. At times like these, it was hard to believe anything bad had ever happened this summer, hard to believe someone named Dalton existed.

Raine’s hands explored her body slowly, moving in a way that made shivers run up her spine with desire. She longed to get as close to him as possible, pulling off his shirt in the process. He protested at first, but gave into the fact that he was feeling the same way, and starting undressing her as well.

They had missed the complete sunset as they were too busy with their other activities. But when Macy lay on top of him in only bra and panties and Raine had only his boxers, she pulled away from his lips. Still gasping out of breath, she decided, “Let’s go swimming!”

Raine ran a hand through his hair and laughed at her but got up when she pulled him to his feet. “You always have these random little wild moments!”

“And you always go along with them!”

He snorted, “Touché.” Just then they reached the water and raced in, finding it not too cold for it being so dark outside. The sky was lit by a full moon and the candles in the sand cast a nice low glow.

They waddled out until the water reached their chests and Macy wrapped her legs around him again. “How did you manage to do all this, Raine?” She was still shocked, knowing he didn’t have enough money. But Raine just softly smiled.

“My dad helped out a bit. Besides the car and the motorcycle, this was the only other thing I would accept money for. You. So he helped get this all set up.”

“And the private part of the beach?”

“That too. He has connections apparently, but whatever I’m not complaining.”

“And neither am I.” Macy got off of him and floated on her back as he copied her. But when his hand squeezed her butt she sprang up and splashed water in his face.

“Just know you started this,” with an ominous grin, Raine started splashing her back fiercely. They were both giggling and coughing and he was definitely winning until Macy disappeared under the dark water.

He stopped moved and looked all around but could not find her. Suddenly, she launched herself out of the water and (though he won’t admit it) he screamed out loud. She tackled him and they wrestled in the water until he dragged her back to the shore. Still out of breath and coughing, Raine lay over her body, dripping sea water everywhere and looking down at her thoughtfully.

Macy wondered what he was thinking as he silently wiped the wet hair out of her face. Raine didn’t answer her unspoken questions though and instead pressed himself into her. His hands locked in hers and pulled them over her head. Macy flinched slightly but either he didn’t notice or thought her body was just responding to him. He kissed her forehead, cheeks, nose, and lips. Then his lips drifted away from her face, leaving a trail of kisses all over her body.

She sighed out loud and he continued to kiss almost every inch of her body before returning to her face. Macy was blissful, but didn’t like her hands above her head so she moved and he released them. Slowly she trailed her fingers around on his back, tracing random patterns that made him groan quietly. She pressed her lips back into his gently but he unexpectedly rolled off of her and lay next to her on the sand.

“We can’t,” he panted, his eyes closed tightly as she stared at him.

“And why not?” her voice was persuasive and she knew he could feel her eyes on him but he wouldn’t look back.

“Please Macy … don’t … let’s not ruin this.” He pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her, not saying anything else. For the rest of the night they laid by the edge of the ocean, lukewarm water rising and receding. 

The End

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