Beaches And Blindfolds

Thursday June 30th

Ellie sighed loudly, staring blankly at Macy as she spoke, “I know the Fourth of July is approaching and so that means the number of sessions during the week will be decreasing. I kind of would like you to keep a sort of diary since we won’t be seeing each other every day. Write about one thing … I would say each day but how about just one thing every week? That sounds reasonable.”

She handed Macy a black composition book. It was the following week, Macy’s lazy skip day long forgotten, and Ellie meant business. She didn’t want to force Macy’s feelings out of her so instead decided to give her the freedom to write about anything, hoping she’d just write the truth.

Macy smiled as she took the notebook, already sure of what the first page would be filled with. She knew Ellie wanted her to line these pages with the details of her ordeal with Dalton, but she had other plans. Her mind was forever stuck on the words Raine had said just last week. How long had they known each other? She lost track of time but it didn’t matter. Who cared about how much time had passed, all Macy cared about was the truth behind those words and the fact that she felt the exact same way.

She left her session early, claiming she wanted to get a head start on writing in her diary. In truth, she had already written Raine at the top of the first page but she wasn’t leaving early to write about him, instead to be with him.

Before Raine had dropped her off in his car, he had declared he had a surprise when she got back. Macy could barely contain herself. Running toward the elevator, she speed-dialed his number to let him know that she had somehow got out an hour early.

He didn’t believe her but was happy, claiming to be downstairs in a couple minutes. As she waited outside, Macy bounced on the balls of her feet, looking up and down the street. She had just turned to the right when Raine pulled up from the left and shouted out at her. “Impatient are we?” A smirk was on his lips as she climbed in the passenger seat after he reached over to open the door for her.

“You know me too well.”

Raine chuckled while she closed the door behind her quickly and then leaned over to kiss his lips. Multitasking, he pushed the button sliding the dark windows up, giving them some privacy. Then he too leaned closer and cupped her face in a way they both knew she’d melt.

As much as she loved kissing him, Macy pulled away. “What’s my surprise?!” She couldn’t hold her excitement in any longer and Raine laughed again.

“I’m glad to know I have such an effect on you,” was all he said quietly instead of answering her question.

She pushed his shoulder playfully, “I hope you’re not just now figuring this out.”

Raine smirked again, “And what if I am?” He was so good at this, stalling. She hadn’t even realized he had changed the subject yet, though he knew she would soon and most likely push him again.

Sure enough, “Stop changing the subject!”

“Buckle your seatbelt then.” Macy followed his instructions but he hadn’t started driving away yet and she turned to look at him, impatiently. “Almost forgot,” he answered her unspoken question, “Blindfold.”

Macy bit her lip nervously but spoke in a confident voice as she fluffed up her curls. “Fine but don’t you dare mess up my hair.”

“I’ll try my best not to.” He blindfolded her with a striped tie from the glove box and then pulled away from the curb.

“Where are we going?” she whispered, reaching out for him.

He took her hand and squeezed it. “It’s a surprise of course!” They traveled for a little over thirty minutes, not very far, but far enough for Macy to began fidgeting uncontrollably in her seat. “Calm down, you’ll love it.”

He finally stopped the car and got out to open her door. Guiding her forward, her feet began to feel heavy. “Sand.” She observed but he didn’t answer. It took them probably twenty more minutes to travel down the beach and Macy noticed it was strangely silent. She made little comments along the way like, “Why it so quiet?” and “You should have took off my shoes.”

Finally he stopped walking and his hands left hers. They disappeared into her hair, feeling along the top of her ear and on her neck before finally removing the blindfold. “Surprise.” He whispered in her ear as she gasped.

Set up in front of her was a picnic on a blanket with tons of pillows under a huge white tent. A gentle breeze blew, making the tent appear to be flying gracefully. Tons of candles were placed in the sand along with beautiful white roses. Macy was speechless as she took in the scenery. The beach was completely deserted except for them and gentle waves lapped lazily toward them. The sun was setting peacefully; Raine had timed this perfectly. “It’s … beautiful,” she finally murmured. “Just perfect. Thank you Raine.” She kissed his lips as he held her hand and led her toward the blanket.

“You’re welcome. I’m glad you like it.” His cheeks immediately blushed, “Sorry we were walking for so long. I wanted you to see the sunset at the perfect moment.”

Macy simply burst out laughing, turning around to see that the car was parked in fact a few feet away from them. Turning back to him, “Its … perfect.”

“Good.” Raine opened the picnic basket and started pulling out tons of food. Within minutes they were stuffing their faces like squirrels with acorns in their cheeks. When they were finished, Raine leaned back onto the pillows bringing Macy into his arms.

“How did I manage to find someone as amazing as you?” she whispered as he softly ran his fingers through her hair.

But Raine just shook his head, “I should ask you the same question. Though I don’t need an answer. Pure luck.”

Macy disagreed instantly, “I’m not changing my question but I’ll answer it for you.” She rolled over on top of him, staring deeply into his eyes, a smile on her lips. “James Bond was always good with the ladies.”

The End

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