Wasting The Day Away

As Macy rolled over to look at the clock, she realized it was around 1:45 in the afternoon. She cursed herself; she had made a promise toward the beginning of the summer that she wouldn’t waste days away in bed. And that was exactly what she was doing. Sighing loudly, she got up slowly and threw on some sweatpants knowing she didn’t have enough time to shower before Raine showed up. But she didn’t care anyway. Doesn’t everyone say that in healthy relationships you see each other at their best and their worst? Definitely. She knew it was true because she’d already been at her worst and he was right there by her side. Unfortunately, she just hadn’t recovered to her best yet.

Trudging down the stairs, Macy sighed loudly again. She wasn’t in the mood. She wasn’t in the mood to put on a face for Raine that everything was okay because she was so aggravated that it wasn’t now like it was two days ago. She wasn’t in the mood to talk to Ellie either because that would mean facing her true fears, which would be even harder than facing Raine. Raine, she could handle. They could lounge around the house and do nothing all day. No obligations but to be together.

Just then the doorbell rang and Macy couldn’t help but crack a smile. As much as she wasn’t in the mood, she couldn’t help but be happy to see Raine. And Brandon wasn’t home, which meant they could lie in her bed all day. Technically she wouldn’t be wasting the day away because she’d be with Raine. She stepped down from the bottom of the stairs and went to open the door for him. As soon as she saw him, she smiled even more. He had two Starbucks coffees in hand and three movies tucked under his arm. It was almost as if he’d read her mind.

“Just waking up?” he guessed as he stepped over the threshold and she nodded. “Not to worry I’ve got a coffee right here and a couple old school movies with our names on it. Happy lazy day, you seemed like you needed it.”

She didn’t even know what to say so just kissed his lips intensely. “It’s perfect, you’re perfect. Thanks.”

He shrugged as if he already knew this and chuckled quietly. “Wanna set up down here?” He headed toward the TV room but she pulled him away.

“Brandon’s not home, so no. Come on.” She took his hand and led the way up the stairs to her bedroom as he tried to hide his smile. There was no trouble doing that when he entered her room though. He surveyed the bed, the sheets tangled up and the pillows scattered everywhere. “You didn’t sleep well?”

“I didn’t sleep at all actually.”

He shook his head sadly, as if he knew that something had happened in therapy yesterday to completely change her progress. “Well here,” he said with a forced smile. “Let’s get comfortable now.” He kicked off his shoes and walked to the television on her dresser, popping in the first DVD.

“What are we watching?” she asked curiously, settling back under the covers but leaving them open for him to climb in too.

“The Breakfast Club. I’ve also got Dirty Dancing, and this one you’ll love—James Bond.”

“You’re too good,” she laughed as Raine climbed into the bed and brought her into his arms.

“Only for you,” he replied softly, kissing the top of her head. She took a couple sips of her coffee before setting it on the bedside table and focusing on the screen. Raine stroked her hair sweetly, running his fingers through it, calming her. Within twenty minutes, her eyes were getting heavy. “Sleep please. You need it.”

She gave in happily, drifting off into a nightmare-free dream. Raine’s fingers had to have been magic. Macy had struggled to sleep all night but with his hands in her hair, she fell asleep quickly.

Raine watched Macy sleep more than he watched the movie. He was glad to be of service, glad he could comfort her in any way possible, even by putting her to sleep. But he couldn’t help question what had happened in her session yesterday that had drastically changed things for the worse. She only got nightmares when she was extremely stressed so he was left to ponder what Ellie could have possibly said to her to make her so stressed that she was back to sleepless nights.

He wondered how much Macy had told her and like it or not, knew he’d have to bring it up when she awoke. He didn’t like having those kinds of conversations. He didn’t like the touchy subjects where he had to question whether or not Macy would tell him the truth. But at the same time, those conversations were a good thing, a blessing in disguise. It really meant that their relationship was real enough to talk about just about anything and that made him happy. That even if he had to think about her lying—which is reasonable because everyone lies—he knew he could really trust her. He knew he could bring up any topic and get an answer.

Macy slept an hour and a half past the end of the movie but Raine was fine with that. He thought about getting up to put another one in but decided he didn’t want to leave her side. So instead he continued to stroke her hair and look around her room. Her walls were lined with pictures on corkboards, of her and Brandon, her and family or friends and some of just her by herself. He liked those ones especially, because in every picture she looked like a model. Banging body, beautiful skin and hair, a happy smile on her face—she was stunning. And all his, which made him even happier.

The End

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