James Bond.

Macy Summers is thinking about one thing and one thing only: summertime. Until a sweet-talking senior with a "code name" of James Bond approaches her at school with a problem she's got to solve.

Macy Summers sat in the third row of Mr. Shelby’s class Monday afternoon. Like many other students, she was looking forward to the one week of school left before summer. With the last name of almost everyone’s favorite season, she just couldn’t muster up the ability to wait another seven days.

Finally, the bell rang to signal the end of the school day. Macy rushed out of class and headed to her locker down the main hallway. From far away, she and everyone else could see a mysterious guy in black leaning against it.

She approached her locker with her head held high; after all she practically owned the school. From the beginning of freshman year, everyone looked at her as importance. And now, counting down the last days of sophomore year, nothing had changed.

“Excuse me, that’s my locker,” Macy said boldly, staring directly into the guys’ dark sunglasses. He removed them so she’d know she was staring into striking pale blue’s.

“You’re Macy, right?”

“Yeah. Who wants to know?” She looked him up and down like she was doing a survey. He was tall and lean, with dark cropped hair. Though his eyes were gorgeous, everything about him screamed DANGER. But Macy concluded that he was definitely hot.

"A friend of mine. Dalton. You wanna go for a ride?” he said calmly, leveling up to her confidence.

“And who are you?”

“Someone worth your time,” he replied smoothly with a smirk.

Macy pushed at his shoulder so he’d move over. She entered her combination into a lock with purple on it, her favorite color. After dumping her books inside and adding some items to her yellow tote bag, she closed it back. “Name,” she stated.

“Bond. James Bond.” He joked as she turned to look at him with another glare.

“Cute. Well you don’t seem to be someone worth my time. So if you don’t mind …” she started to stroll past him but he blocked her passageway.

“I mind.” He stared into her eyes as she did minutes earlier, looking for some ounce of fear in them.

“Too bad.” she shoved past him and headed out the back doors to the parking lot. The principal had allowed a select number of sophomores’ parking spots since they could already drive. As Macy opened the driver’s door to her blue bug car, someone slammed it shut right out of her fingers. “Hey!” she growled.

It was “James Bond.” Macy glanced around the rest of the parking lot; empty. Except for a teacher pulling away in a beat-up mini van. Great.

“What do you want?” she yelled in his face as he looked on somewhat thoughtfully.

"My friend ... wants to meet you. About something important."

“About what?” she pried.

“About Brandon.”

Macy froze. All doubts about this guy vanished and she was now focused on the next problem her older brother had gotten himself into. “Oh God. What happened?”

“I’ll explain on the way. And I’m sorry about in the hallway. I was jerk. Sorry. We can take your car … if you want.”

“What about yours?” she asked absently.

“Motorcycle.” He pointed over his shoulder. “It’ll be fine.” They climbed into her tiny car and she started the engine, driving quickly out of the school parking lot.

“Where to?” she asked him at a red light.

“Take Edgewood down to Brunt’s.”

“Ok. So um … James Bond,” she giggled, “what’s your name?”

“Sorry. Again. It’s Raine.”

“Raine?” she murmured. “That’s cool. Too bad you’re not a James Bond though.”

The End

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