Dating in 1023 TTE

A date in the year 1023 TTE, what would that be like?

That was the question on my mind as I waited for my car to arrive at Judy's place. It found a nice parking spot at her apartment's parking lot and I went up to her floor in the elevator. Elevators haven't changed much, it seemed. Still the same metal boxes that moved people and things up and down, except that it used the same hovering technology found in the cars instead of the cables of 2013.

I knocked on Judy's door and she answered soon after that. She stepped out, dressed in a nice, casual dress, and greeted me, slightly blushing, "Hey..."

I decided to break the awkward tension. "Ready to go on our date?"

Judy's face then became red with embarrassment until she realized how ridiculous this was. We then burst out into laughter.

After a good laugh, I held out my hand and we went on our date.

It turns out that dating in 1023 TTE wasn't very different at all. We went to a nice restaurant called Nova Robin, where we flipped through the digital pages of the mini tablet that was the menu, talking and discussing about the food and drinks that we liked and disliked before we ordered. We continued talking over dinner, this time about each other. When it came time to pay the bill, I pressed my thumb against the scanner and punched in the passcode to pay directly from my bank account.

After dinner we went back to her place, chose a movie from her digital library, and had a great time watching it together. When the movie ended, she poured out some wine, and we conversed about whatever topic crossed our minds.

And at the end of the night, when everything seemed to align, I kissed her.

When the kiss ended, we both tried to play it cool for a second, but neither of us lasted very long and we both broke out into these big, wide smiles.

With a huge grin still on her face, she said, "Good night, James."

"Good night, Judy," I replied as I walked out of the apartment, with a huge grin still on my face.

And that was dating in 1023 TTE.

The End

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