First Day

After graduation, I was partnered with Matthew, and we were sent on my first official assignment. On my first day on the job, Matthew greeted me at the office with a smile and a handshake, "Welcome to the first day of your new job, Agent James Lawson."

I smiled and shook his hand, "Thank you, Agent Lam. So, what's our first assignment?"

"It's an easy one, we're going to be taking a team back with us for criminal investigation."

Ah yes, one of the only legal uses of time travel: using it as a last resort to assist the police (or other law enforcement agencies) for investigations.

Why is it a last resort? Well, if we allowed someone the power to just go back in time and observe whatever they wanted to, then it would be no different then just letting someone install cameras in a person's home. It would pretty much spell the end of any privacy for a normal citizen, and it would give the police too much power. So, in order for the police to get the assistance of the TPA, the police must be able to provide us with the exact time and location to travel to, and the relevant clues that led to that conclusion. Of course, this means that even TPA agents should not use their time travel devices unless if absolutely necessary.

We put on our standard TPA time travel devices and headed out to meet the detectives on the case. Along with them was a time travel scientist named Dr. Potter.

"Good afternoon, agents," Dr. Potter extended his hand.

"Hello again, doctor," Matthew reached out and shook the doctor's hand. Then he gestured to me, "Dr. Potter, this is Agent Lawson."

I shook the doctor's hand, "Pleased to meet you, Dr. Potter."

"Same here."

Curious, I asked him, "So will you be joining us?"

"Yes, Agent Lam didn't tell you what I do?"


"Well, I am a time travel scientist, we study time travel. Time travel has baffled us for more than a thousand years with it's seemingly inconsistent rules. To get more data about time travel, some of my colleagues and I have decided to ride along on these time jumps. I hope I won't be too much of a bother."

The detectives, Matthew, and I shook our heads and reassured the doctor that his company was welcomed.

"Alright, Agent Lawson, since this is your first assignment, why don't you do the honours?"

I flipped on the time travel device on my wrist, and pressed my thumb against the thumb pad. It scanned my thumbprint to confirm that my print matched the one on my TPA file. Then, it asked me to enter my passcode, which I did. A safety precaution of course, so that it can't be used if stolen; and if an invalid passcode was entered three times, the device would fry itself. After confirming my identity, I punched in the time and the coordinates that the detectives had given me, and a time portal opened.

That first assignment went by quickly. The detectives did their jobs well and had pinpointed the exact time and location that they needed to observe. They easily gathered what they needed, and we were back in 1023 TTE in under an hour.

The detectives went off to continue their investigation, the good doctor went back to his lab to record his observations, and Matthew and I went back into our office to fill out a report on the trip.

After my first day, I was about to head home when I was stopped by Judy at the reception, "James!"

I turned around and walked up to reception, "Hi Judy, did I forget something?"

"No..." Judy blushed a little. "I was wondering if you'd like to continue exploring the town?"

"Oh, sounds good, let me ask Matthew too."


The both of us paused, surprised by her sudden yell. She blushed again and said, "I mean, could we, maybe, just go by ourselves?"

The both of us were silent again. Then, I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I realized what she was asking me. "Sure, I'd love to."

Judy blushed, but she also smiled. "That's great! Um, could you come to my place at around 7?"

The End

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