"Hi James, here's your badge. Welcome to your first day of training." Judy handed me my badge and smiled. I smiled back at her and took my badge.

It was an easy choice. Back in 2013, my family was dead, and all I had was my job and my apartment. The year 1023 TTE just seemed too good to pass up. In the past two weeks, Matthew and Judy had helped me move my stuff from the past into my new apartment here, showed me around town, got me a red mug, things like that.

Training went by quickly enough. The Time Patrol Agency's main job is to prevent any illegal time travelling from happening, because if it does happen, it would be too late to stop any changes to the timeline (unless if someone managed to jump into the portal too). One big part of the TPA's mission is to monitor the flow of timetanium.

The aptly named timetanium is the alloy that is required for time travel. It is hard to make and hard to find. It is also limited in the amount of times that it can be used to time travel. This makes time travelling a very hard thing to do, but luckily, it means that it's also easier to track down anyone who is planning on doing any illegal time travelling.

A couple of rules of the TPA included not leaving technology in the past, not taking technology from the future, don't tell people what will happen in their futures, minimize any paradoxes, and if a suspect looks like they will activate a time travel device, use any means necessary to stop them, even if it means killing them. The last one, as extreme as it sounds, is necessary, because time travel can be the equivalent of a weapon of mass destruction in the wrong hands.

The End

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