James and Juniper

This story follows the lives of the two main characters, James, and Jill. It follows them in their very different lives, and shows how their past experiences change affect them as they get older.

His name was James, Her name was Juniper. She was 16, He was 17. They weren't similar in many ways. He had black hair and olive skin, She had red hair and skin so fair that challenged snow white. He had complex green eyes, hers were a dull gray. He had a warm laugh that could melt ice, She had a sad glare that could form it. He lived in New York, She lived in California. He spoke three languages, She struggled with only one. His mother died when he was seven, She had both parents. His dad would die for him, Her parents didn't care about her. He wasn't like her, She wasn't like him. She openly showed her emotions, He hid his pain behind a smile. She lived in the same house for sixteen years, He never stayed in the same place for two years. She wanted a change of scenery, He wanted to stay long enough to enjoy it. His dad become too sick to work, Her dad retired. She got into a good collage and moved to New York, He couldn't afford to go to collage. She smiled for once, He smiled too, but in his eyes was sadness. She became a designer, He worked in a auto shop. She got better, He got worse. She drove her lexus on a bridge, He climbed onto the railing. She skidded to a stop, He looked at her sadly. She got out of her car, He jumped.

His name was James, Her name Was Juniper.

This was my first story ever, I would love to get your feedback, good or bad on how I can improve my story. Thanks for reading,


The End

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