Believe me now, Mum?Mature

Over the next couple of days, me and my mother were careful in what we said or did. Neither of us wanted to make a wrong move and ruin the connection we'd made. I hadn't realised that she'd been through a hard period in her life. First her husband had left, and then her child had abandoned her. But I was here now, hey. 

We were both aware that the journey to my new school was slowly crawling up on us but neither of us mentioned it. It was like in Australia all over again. Why were byes so hard?

I'd paid for instant delivery so all of my school things had come the next day. My bags were packed and everything was ready. I had one last night with my mum before I had to leave. 

"I'm glad you came back Jake." My mother said across the table. It had become a routine now to eat together. We had never done that before.

"I'm glad I came back." I told her, smiling. We carried on eating in silence.

"Maybe one day you can tell me where you went." She said after a while. I looked up and noticed she was purposely not looking at me. 

It was then I decided. 

"You wouldn't believe me." I told her, putting my fork on the table.

"Maybe not. But I'd like you to try me." She said with a grin. 

And that's when I told her. I started from the beginning, when I first found my stone. I went on about the house and all the people there. I told her about the powers we had been given and then I mentioned the black ones. 

It was hard to describe the terror and the pain but I tried. The fight came next and how we had had to leave the house. That's when we found out about Atlantis. I mentioned our helpers and guiders. Then it came to the final fight. 

She didn't interrupt me while I was speaking and when I finished there was silence.

"Well...?" I said, unsure.

She looked back at her dinner, and then up at me.

"It's certainly a story." She said after a few seconds.

"I knew you wouldn't believe me." I muttered standing up. I should have lied and just said I had run away with a girl. 

"Jake please." She said quickly, standing up. "It's not that I don't want to believe you. Honest I do. But even you must understand it's hard to. Your trying to tell me that there's such things as fairy tales and super heroes-"

"I am not a fairy tale, mum." I said angrily. 



"Okay. I believe you." she said sitting back down. I looked at her closely.

"You do?" 

"You were never that strong at having an imagination. You couldn't make up a story like that." 

I laughed. Okay, I didn't really think she believed me but I could tell she was trying. I thought for a second then I closed my eyes. It only took a few seconds. I could feel my body changing. Every molecule was moving around, my nose grew longer, my feet came in, my arms grew to the floor. 

My mothers face was priceless.

"Oh." Was all she could say. 

I neighed.

"What do you think?" I said in a gruff voice. She screamed.

"Oh my god. Your a horse. A horse. How? Oh my. Jake! Your a..." 

I turned back quickly.

"Believe me now, mum?" 

She nodded quickly, unable to say another word. 

The End

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