I climbed the stairs to my room. God, I hadn't done this in a while. I brushed my finger, softly up the banister. Dust. There had never been that before. 

I stopped when I got to the top. Looking down stairs, I saw my mother waiting patiently. She had wanted to come with me, but I wanted to do this alone. I think she was scared I would leave again. 

The attention felt weird. I had never had that before. She had definitely had some changes in the house, starting with her.

I stepped closer, then rested my hand on my bedroom door knob. It was cold under my hand. No one had warmed it in a while. I hadn't been here since... since before the Black ones. God, a life time ago. 

"Go on, Jake." My mum egged me on, from downstairs. It seemed silly, that going in my old bedroom meant so much. But it did. It did. 

I breathed in, then opened the door. 

Everything was the same. My bed wasn't done. My wardrobe was open. Posters were peeling off the walls. Dirty clothes were on the floor. Books, and books of maths and other things piled my book case. All of my school work over-flowed my desk. It was like I hadn't gone away. 

I stepped inside, and shut the door. 

"Home, sweet home." I whispered. I sat down at my desk and pulled out a sheet of paper. Finding a pencil under all of the work sheets, I began to write.


Dear Jade, 

 Or as Romeo might have said - my beloved. Because that's what I am right? Your Romeo? Haha. I'm just writing to say I'm home and safe. It's weird being back. I've only been here two hours and I'm missing you like crazy. 

 I hope you're home safe now, and everything's okay. I'm sorry I couldn't wait. I would have If I could have. Please let me know you're okay. I meant what I said. I'm coming back if you don't reply. 

 My mum is here. She's... She's different. We have talked and you know what Jade? I think everything's going to be okay. In term, if you're free, I'd like you to come. I'd like you to see where I live, and how I've lived. You can meet my mum. 

 How is Max and everything? Work okay? 

I love you lots, and can't wait to see you again.

 Your fiancé  ;)

Jake x


I put the pencil down on the table, and sat back. I'd post it as soon as possible. If only I could still control animals, and I would have sent it by bird air. But no, the woman responsible sacrificed  herself. What a woman. 

I leapt onto my bed, and grabbed my laptop. Time to shop for school. 



The End

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