Baby StepsMature

It was too cold to fly too high. With it being so late, I would have died if I had stayed in it too long. Max was right. I had left too late. It meant I'd need to take more breaks which meant I'd get there later. 

I was planning on going home first. I needed to get all of my things, and get everything ready. It was going to be weird meeting my parents, and my old friends. 

It was about seven O'clock when I saw the lights of England. I was nearly home. I cheered loudly, but it was lost in the wind. Then the thought of how awkward it was going to be filled my mind, and I quietened. 

Soon, I was flying over the cities. I flew a bit lower, and changed to a pigeon. Birds cawed at me as I flew past them, but I ignored them. A plane rumbled just above me, and slowly, the sounds of cars began to reach my ears. 

Within an hour, my home town came into view. I landed on a lampost for a breather and took in the people walking past. I recognised some of them, but no one that I was close to. Nothing had changed. It felt like I'd been away a life time, yet everything here was just how I had left it. 

I made the last minutes of my journey, and landed in my massive garden. I turned instantly and breathed in the air. It was different this time. This time I didn't care what they said. I didn't feel trapped here, as I could just change and run away. This time I was in charge of me. 

I went to knock on the back door then hesitated. Would someone be in? Would I be allowed in? I let my fist drop, and placed my head on the cold glass. 


I looked up to see my mother stood in the kitchen staring at me through the patio door. She was dressed in a thick, white dressing gown and she was holding a cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other. She looked so ordinary. 

She moved closer, and opened the door. I couldn't speak. What did I say? It had been so long. When was the last time I had spoken to her? I don't think I ever had really, not properly. 

"Jake, you're home." She gasped, pulling me into a hug. 

"So you'd noticed I'd gone this time." I spat. I couldn't help it. Why was I so horrible? She was glad to see me this time. I should be happy. Why was I ruining it?

"I'm sorry, baby." She said, looking up at me. "My, you've grown." 

"Can I come in?" I asked, quietly. She nodded quickly. 

"Of course. This is your home." She hurried me in and sat me down at the kitchen table. I looked around expecting to see the cook, but there was no one about.

"Where have you been?" My mother asked, sitting opposite me. "You haven't been living on the streets have you?" 

"I've been at my girlfriend's house." I told her, looking at my hands. 

"I asked Frannie though, where you was. She said she didn't know." she said, confused. I looked at her. God she had no idea about my life any more.

"I'm not with her any more. I mean Jade." I said. Her mouth formed a small oh. "In fact, I suppose I should call her my fiancée." 


"Were getting married." I stated. 

Silence filled the room, as we both tried to think of something to say. We had already had the longest conversation we had ever had since I was about five. 

"When?" she asked quietly. 

"When we're a bit older. Not straight away." I muttered. 

She stood up and walked over the kitchen side. She began flicking through her newspaper, but she was going too fast to be taking anything in. Suddenly she stopped.

"Look, Jake. I know I have let you down. I know I haven't been a great mother. But I'm willing to change. I want to know you. I want to meet this Jade. I want to know where you have been and what you've been up to. I'll do anything to have you back as my son." 

She turned to me. 

"I know it's not going to happen overnight. Baby steps. That's what it will be. But I'm willing to try. If you are." 

I nodded my head as a reply. I couldn't speak. All the things I had hoped she would say, she had said. But could I forgive her straight away? Like she said, baby steps. 

"Where's Dad?" I asked her.  "Where's the cook? The cleaner? Where's everyone?" 

She looked around the kitchen, then sighed. 

"Your dad's gone. He had been having an affair for a year, and I found out. I kicked him out. The divorce papers came through last week. The staff are all on holiday, and so am I. I needed a break." 

I stood up and moved closer. She had been through such a hard time, and I hadn't been here. We had both left each other. She wasn't the only one who was in the wrong. 

"I'm sorry mum." I whispered, and pulled her into a hug. 

"It's okay. I'm sorry too." She said, and then she burst into tears. I held her close, and then suddenly tears fell from my eyes too. It was just like when I was younger, and I had hurt myself, and she was comforting me. 

We might not be at that stage yet, but baby steps. Baby steps. 


The End

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