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I sat on Jade's window sill, staring out at the night. It was a full moon, and the whole place was lit up with an eerie, white light. A warm breeze blew over me gently, and I tried my hardest to relax. 

It had been four weeks now that I had stayed at Jade's house. My mother had rang me constantly but I had ignored them all. I knew deep down I was being unfair but I didn't care. It was too late for her to take an interest in where I was. I was happy here. 

But then, why couldn't I sleep? I couldn't blame it on the blow up bed, Max had put down for me, as it was actually quite comfortable. That was one thing I had had to promise him. To not sleep with Jade. I didn't mind waiting though. 

But no, the thing keeping me up, was that I had this nag at the back of my mind everything was too peaceful. I had got so used to sleeping on edge, waiting for the Black ones to come and get me, that now they were gone.... I felt like our purpose had gone with them. 

Every bang, every noise, every movement, I expected someone to jump out and attack. I was constantly on my guard. 

Plus the images of all the live's I had ended haunted my dreams, when I finally managed to close my eyes. The taste of blood in my teeth, and skin under my claws. The screams from the battle and horror in there eyes, as I bent down to rip out there necks. 

I was a murderer, and I knew it.

And then there was the dream of Jade. My beautiful Jade, lay on the ground as if she were sleeping. Her light hair framing her gentle face. But then I noticed her pale skin and her blue lips and I realised that her heart wasn't beating. I ran as fast as I could to her, but my legs wouldn't move. Harriet wasn't there and there was nothing I could do, but run to her. And run.. and run.. and then there were the ten figures laughing. 

That's when I woke up. 

I sighed, and rubbed my eyes with my hands. I needed to stop. Jade was here and safe. I was safe. I didn't need to worry about her any more. 

I jumped from where I was sat and moved over the the bed. Jade's lips were pulled into a smile, and I bent down to gently brush mine over her forehead. She moved slightly towards me, but then stopped. 

You know when you get this unconditional love for someone? That's what I had for her. And that's why the other night I proposed to her. 

I had too. I had to seal the deal, and know I would be with her forever. I wanted to know she'd always be in my arms. I needed to have the security of it all. I had even shocked myself when I first thought of it. 

She had changed me so much. I used to be the one that could get anyone, the one that let them do the chasing. I didn't settle down for long. I wasn't for all that. I mean, Frannie had only been a bit of fun. 

But Jade... She had me caught. And the thing was, I was glad. My life was now complete with her. I couldn't imagine not being with her, and life before blurred into nothing. 

"God, Jake." I whispered to myself. "You are getting to soppy." 

I looked around the room. Everything was too silent. Too quiet. Where was the danger? It must be there. I just wasn't looking close enough. 

I should be happy. I was with my soul mate. Her brother had slowly become one of my best friends, and we spoke to the others regularly. In fact I had organised a BBQ just the other day. It was nice catching up with everyone. But they had all gone back home now. 

And soon I was going home too. Back to the UK. To school. If I was having trouble sleeping now, I knew It wasn't going to get better there. 



The End

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