Jak and Peter

As Jak stepped beyond the threshold into the light a sudden cold feel over his body. Convulsing his body cramped and he was blinded again with pain. Focus left his eyes and the land disappeared to his reach, blinking to regain its beauty Jak found himself lying in his bed, the hands of a woman he had grown very fond of brushing his hair away from his face. He tried to speak but mute to his own desires.

“There we go… Shhhh…”

It was Willow and she had taken from his dream to the reality of his known pain. What was that land, and who was the princess girl.

“You sent a scare through me you did Jak… Why were you in the staircase love?”

“I was following you” his voice faint and weaving.

“Shhh… hush love we’ll talk when you are stronger.  Go to sleep!”

Willow brushed at Jaks hair and wiped the sweat from his neck and forehead until he fell back to rest.


It was not the first time Jak had ventured out beyond the quarantine, nor dreamed of venturing beyond his world. The fairy queens and lush green gardens, treasure chests and high sea spirits, pirates, were his specialty. He could spend days alone in quarantine and little to no visitors would ever knock or ask to play. Jak had become in is world recluse, alone, all but a single friend, Peter. 

Peter would never leave, play they would and dream day by nightfall of finding treasure and living forever in gardens of bright green and gold flowers, red snapping dragons and parrot friends to keep them company. 

Peter was the only friend he had not affected by his illness, he was healthy and happy, no parents left him at the door he came and went as he pleased. Jak understood very well Peter was not alive nor dead like the children in his midst; he knew Peter was as the nurses called a figment. Of course he was one of the Figment, no real child of this land could brave swallows and pirate treasures like a real Figment. The Figment were a special people, much like Jak himself, Peter would tell Jak he must also be Figment and believed they must have left him here at the Great home to keep the door open for others to travel, they who lived between worlds and spoke in Figlatin.

Jak knew he was one of them and when Willow arrived days after his vision with a new book: “New York a guided tour through Central Park”, he knew this was the dream: Paradise.

The End

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