Chapter 2

Of course he knew that I was going to break him out of his minimum security jail. He knew that I was going to visit him and arrange the time to meet him outside the compound. I really didn't need to go and tell him all of this. It was just that I wanted to see his face after all these months.

He got into trouble with some other kids that were vandelizing the school. He was the slowest at running and the cops were able to catch him. The others all ran away and Oliver never told on them. He took his sentence and held his head high.

I was going to see him after eighteen months apart. My parents didn't want me to go and see him, so I was going to take the bus and a few transfers. I would stay there a couple of hours and talk with him and then return home. I hoped that we could be sit somewhere together and work out our plans. I was looking forward to seeing his wonderful smiling face again.

I was also bringing him a few things. I read in his mind that he wished he had a note pad to write stuff in. I also heard him say that he wished that he could have a certain candy bar, but they didn't have them in there. And there were a few other items that I knew he would like.

I wondered how I would start the conversation off, after all of this time. We were friends from school, acquaintences really. But we had this thing in common. Only I knew that Oliver didn't realize the extent of his gift. He hadn't developed it, hadn't used it. I worked with my gift everyday, honed it, perfected it. I knew I could teach him how to develop his gift. And by him learning to do that with his gift, we together, could do unimaginable things!

I had to get him out of there.

The End

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