Jail Break

A girl by the name of Link must break a boy out of jail. there only weapon? They can read minds.

           Can you imagine living in a world where everything is clear and supposed to be easy? that is what my life is like. I was born with a disease that, although everyone says otherwise, will eventually kill me. Some would say it was a blessing, a gift, but to me it is something I'd really rather live without. I can read minds. All minds. Wherever they are. I was nicknamed The Savior when I was born. They believe I am the key to saving humanity.

             My name is Link. I am 14 years old and currently suffering from a disease known as

            My pen stops writing. What a stupid essay, I think to myself. All About Me. Of course I know the reason my teacher assigned this. I also know what every single one of my class mates is thinking right now. I know everything.

         The one good thing is that nobody knows. Not even my parents. I made them forget. Sure people know I exist somewhere, they just don't know where.  So for now I am undercover. The only flaw? A boy named Oliver. Who happens to be my other half. The only one who knows what it feels like. the only one who was born with the same curse.

         Unfortunately he is in jail right now. And I've got to break him out.


The End

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