Not Today...

Ugh. Everything was a blur. My head hurt, and I felt like just rolling over and puking into the grass.

"Come on Cover! You gonna fight back?" I heard Brody Summer's voice say.

I sat up slowly and my vision cleared so I could see that bratty twelve year old's face.

"What you gonna do, trash?!"

"Give me a second and I'll kick your fat butt all the way back to the zoo where you belong!" I said angrily jumping to my feet, still a little dizzy.

"Why you little!" he yelled grabbing onto my with both hands. He pushed me and sent me to the ground flat on my back.

He was a year older than me and at least a hundred pounds heavier, so I really had to think quickly. I got off the ground and said, "Why such a temper Brody? Mad about something?"

"Yeah! I am!" he yelled charging at me at full speed.

He threw a punch at me and I barely stepped back in time to watch the fist swing by me. I pushed him back but he caught himself, "Why you mad?" I looked at him hard, trying to find his motive, "Your mom's dead, isn't she?"

He stopped in his tracks and stared at me, with nothing but cold anger running through him, "Don't you dare talk about my mama!" he screamed. Brody punched him in the face and send me staggering to the ground.

Great, now he's really mad. I thought as he continued to kick me.

I rolled away and got up, "Calm down! I don't want to hurt you."

Brody began to laugh, which was a total emotional switch, "You hurt me?"

Everyone watching began to laugh.

My expression didn't change, "I'm serious."

Brody's face turned back to a very angry expression. He charged at me, ready to wail on me.

For three years I put up with his crap. For three years I listened to the insults. For three years I never even considered fighting back.

But not today. Not today.

I was ready.

He threw a punch at me and I dodged, I ducked just far enough for him to miss. Then I brought up my fist into his jaw and I'm positive I heard it crack. He flew at least five feet in the air then flat onto his back.

He didn't get up for at least ten seconds, he just sat there, obviously stunned.

Then he sat up, angry once again, he stood up and charged at me. I spun around, my arms extended, knocking him onto his face.

"It's okay Brody." I said, trying to think about my next move.

Brody got up, even more angry than before.

Alright, now all I got to do is to finish him off. I thought, just as Brody's fist hit my cheek and sent me to the ground. Unconscious.


The End

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