Goodbyes are the worst, especially when it's someone you love. I went into Jake's room and watched his back as his lifted his clothes and folded them into the bag; I sighed and leant against the door post. I left him to himself and went back to my room; I checked my phone, one message.

 Jade - We really need to talk.

I stared at the screen, it was from Zack, I hadn't spoken to him since...well since he'd visited after his trip to the dentist. I sighed, I guess I owed it to him, we had been best friends and it killed me to use the past tense. I checked my watch, Jake had four hours until he had to leave, if I went I could be back in an hour at the most.

"Jake, I'm just popping out to do something; I'll be back in time!" I called to him as I ran out to the car and started the engine; I pulled into the road and headed to Zack's house. I could have easily walked but I wanted to be quick, I parked on the road outside Zack's house and went to the door. I knocked loudly and waited, and waited. I sighed and checked my phone,

No new messages.

The door suddenly opened slowly, I peered in to see Zack's white face, he looked sick,

"Oh God Zack, what happened?" I asked, he didn't open the door enough to let me in,

"It's not me..." he rasped quietly, luckily I could hear him, "It's Mum,"

"What's wrong with her?" I asked, although if you asked me, Zack also needed looking after. He had a faint stubble which you wouldn't be able to see this far back if you hadn't got good eyesight, he had deep purple bags under his eyes and he was so pale. Zack couldn't speak as he let me in, I stepped passed him and immediately I could hear rasping breaths,

"What's wrong with her?" I repeated, Zack came to my side,

"She's dying," he mumbled, I went close to her,

"Why haven't you called an ambulance?" I asked, his mum was lying on the sofa with blankets piled high on top of her. Her eyes rolled back and you could only see the white of them, her mouth hung open and she looked as if she were already dead, the only thing telling me she wasn't was the disjointed heartbeat I could hear.

"I did, they came, they said it was too late and it would cause her more pain if they moved her," Zack gulped and swayed, I steadied him, "They're coming back this afternoon to pick up her corpse,"

"Oh Zack," I cooed, I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on tight. Our old relationship flashed before my eyes, how sweet he had been, how kind when my parents had died. How he had ditched his friends to be with me, and how I had become his life, but when I'd dumped him, his life had been shattered. I began to cry silent tears, Zack's frame began to quiver and he fell back into the other sofa pulling me with him. We sat there crying, Zack for him mum and me for all the pain I had cause him. My phone vibrated,

Jade, come back, Jake's about to leave.

I put the phone on my lap,

"Go..." Zack cried,

"I can't, not with you like this," I said staring at him, I closed my eyes and rested my cheek on his shoulder, I heard a faint cry in the distance,

"Jade, I know you can hear me! Where are you?" It was Jake; I sighed and picked up my phone,

Sorry Max, can't talk. Tell Jake I'm sorry. I'll see him next term. Tell him I love him x x x


It killed me to blow off Jake like that, but I had to get my priorities right, I knew I'd regret this in the near future when I missed Jake, but Zack had been my best friend and he needed me.

"Jade, I love you! I'm going to go, but as soon as you get back you write to me or something. If I don't hear a reply soon, I'm flying straight back here, okay?" I heard Jake call, I groaned internally, but I knew he had to return, he was going to boarding school in a few days. "I love you and I'm going to miss you! I hope you can hear this," he called, I wiped my eyes, I listened closely to the flap of wings as Jake descended into the sky. Instead I heard an eagle caw, I smiled, that'd be Jake. As soon as I'd heard the noise something stuttered and stopped, I looked at Zack, of course he wouldn't have heard,

"She's... she's gone Zack," I said, Zack burst up and ran to his mother, he pressed his head against her chest and listened for a beat. He began to practise CPR on her,

"Stop Zack," I commanded, he ignored me as he breathed into her mouth, "Please," I begged,

"She's can't be gone!" he yelled through tears, my heart yearned out for him, "that's my mother Jade!" he shouted, tears began to cascade down my cheeks, "...that's my mum," Zack whimpered helplessly as he sat back on his haunches in defeat. I walked up to him and wrapped my arms around his neck,

"Don't worry Zack, you've got me. You've always got me," I told him, he sat there defeated for some time and then got up,

"I'll prepare her body for the collection," he mumbled. I followed right behind him; I was going to help him through this, like he helped me.


The End

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