Nice Suprises

August 12th 2010

“Hey Jade,” Jake whispered, “Look over there!” I peered at the group of eight people standing on the beach, then back at Jake, then back at the group, I let out a small squeal and ran towards them, my arms outstretched. I collided with Marc,

“Salut!” he cried, “Missed you,” he squeezed me tight and kissed both my cheeks, next Zoey,

“How have you been?” I asked,

“Oh not bad, missing everyone though!” she hugged me gently so as not to crush my bones with her super strength.

“Luke! Did you get everyone here?” I asked,

“Guilty,” he grinned holding hands with Ellie,

“And Ellie, been flying much?” I asked,

“I made it to Iceland in ten minutes!” she smiled,

“Eve!” I cried and hugged her,

“Jade!” was all she replied before the hug got replaced by Ben,

“Still alive?” I asked him,

“Immortal as ever,” he grinned,

“William, Lucinda!”

“Jade, nice to see you one month on from our escapades,” William smiled,

“You alright?” Lucinda asked, I nodded. I’d said hello to everyone and I noticed Ben and Jake discussing maths all the way over from the BBQ which Luke was preparing with the help of Ellie. I really had missed everyone, Max  wandered down towards me,

“What are you doing here?” I asked,

“Same as you, chilling, eating and talking to all your delightful friends,” Max bit into a burger,

“That girl is one good cook,” he grinned,

“So you organised this?”

“Jake helped me, he gave me everyone’s numbers and got you out the way,” I smiled,

“Why did you do it?”

“I know we’ve been through so much as a family this past year, today, six months ago,”

“Mum and Dad…” I choked, he nodded,

“I thought a party would lighten our moods, this party is to celebrate life!” he hooked his arm round my neck and rubbed my hair with his fist,

“Go on champ, entertain them, shame the four girls are all taken, I’ll have to keep my flirting on a small scale,” he grinned, I rolled my eyes and headed to the BBQ.

The End

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