Ulterior Motives

12th August 2010

We laid out side by side, Jake’s fingers rested on my hand, the sun shone down warming my high cheek bones. The island was perfect, small, uninhabited and beautiful, looking up, away from the sun; I could see swaying palm trees. The sand beneath me was golden and the smell of the sea was sweet and blissful.

“You know what?” Jake asked breaking the silence,

“No, what?”

“I love you Jade,”

“I love you too, but I am mad at you for wrecking my class,”

“Sorry, I just hate spending time away from you,”

“Me too, but I need to work, you need to study,” I said,

“You know this whole Eton thing is quite scary, all the boys there are complete intellectual whizzes,” he complained,

“And you’re one of them, although I am surprised I thought Ben would be more likely to go than you,” Jake rolled over and tapped me on the arm,

“I’m clever,” he said,

“I know, but Ben knows pie up to one hundred digits,” I retorted,

“He’s American, he’ll go to Yale or something,”

“That’s a university, he’s not old enough yet,” I replied, Jake propped himself up on his elbow and watched me. “I guess you’ll be heading to Cambridge or Oxford once you’ve turn eighteen…”

“You really are beautiful.” Jake murmured. I rolled my eyes,

“You’re biased, I’m nothing special,”

“In your opinion, in everyone else’s opinion you are stunning, all the time, with or without makeup, naturally beautiful Jade, I can’t get my head round why someone like you would even want to talk to me.” Jake said, I sat up, cross.

“Seriously!” I growled, “What is wrong with you?!” I asked, Jake lay back down and squinted up at me,

“You tell me,” he smiled,

“I’m ordinary looking, I’m pretty normal in all respects, well apart from my senses where I’m slightly abnormal. Look at yourself, if you could act…” I trailed off for a moment imagining Jake acting, “if you could act, you’d be on every girl’s wall, you’re pretty handsome yourself.” I said. He then sat up and wrapped his arm around me,

“I can act!” he said,

“You can’t even lie!” I retorted, “I know you’re hiding something from me right now, I’m just waiting for you to tell me.”

“Damn, you’re good.” He replied, I smiled,

“Are you gonna?” I asked, “Because I mean, you would never spoil my class just to hang out with me, that’s too selfish of you,” he nodded,

“I did have an ulterior motive, just follow me,” he got up and dived off the small cliff into the sea, morphing into a dolphin once again. I jumped in after him and we were soon at the shore climbing out of the water, I was fully concentrating on Jake to notice all the things of the beach. I smiled up at him and let his gentle hum fill my ears,

The End

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