Love Island

August 12th 2010

“You almost gave my class a heart attack,” I said shaking my head, he grinned, water dripping from his fringe. “How am I ever going to earn a living with you around?” I asked, now my class had been cancelled I wouldn’t get any money today, so now I couldn’t buy Jake the leaving present I wanted to give him, I couldn’t afford it anymore. He didn’t know this; it was a surprised present,

“You know you don’t need to earn a living, you’ve got me,” he smiled,

“I can’t just depend on you for money, I know you’re loaded, but I can’t take money off you,”

“You did yesterday,” he oppressed a smile,

“It was one measly pound, which I can’t even spend here because we have a different currency, I just wanted to see what it looked like, you can have it back…”

“No, keep it,” he said leaning casually against the surf board holder. I was trying hard to stay mad at him, but it was harder than teaching thirty kids how to surf.

“So now you’ve mucked up my day what are you planning on doing?”

“I was going to go back to your house and read, leaving you standing here, bored and earning no money,” he grinned, I punched his arm in playful anger, “Ouch Jade, you’re not Zoey but you’re stronger than you think,” he said rubbing his arm.

“Oh man up dude,” I smiled, his hand ran down my arm and his fingers found mine, he encircled them together and brought them up to elbow height.

“I was thinking, we should go to Aires Rock,” I pursed my lips; on the coast it was 35 degrees, that would mean it would be about 55 in the centre of Australia. With my super senses, one included touch meant I would be overpowered with heat,

“Too hot today,” I said, he nodded,

“I have a better idea,” he smiled, “Since you’re in your wetsuit why don’t we swim to that tiny island just off the coast, I can’t see it from here but I bet you can,” I peered back out to see and sure enough I saw it,

“I know that island, it’s called Love Island,” I said smiling, before I knew it Jake was bounding back towards the ocean. I really needed to put the boards back into the hut but on impulse I left them in the middle of the beach and ran after Jake, he dove into the water when it was deep enough and emerged as a dolphin. I swam after him and caught hold of his fin, together, human and fish-type-mammal-thing, girlfriend and boyfriend, we headed towards Love Island. A place where only seagulls had laid foot on before.

The End

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