Jade's Limbo

Paranormal - a year - Enter the Supernatural.
What went on in that year?

August 12th 2010

I sat across from Jake, he was busy reading a book and looking very intellectual, he’d come to keep me company for a few weeks until his Mother had sorted her life out. I was happy to live with him forever but with the end of the winter looming he had to return to his school in England, he was going to board at a school called Eton, a very prestigious school so he informed me. I was relishing the last few weeks with him, but right now as the sun rose I was calm and collect, he had to study for his first term and I had to go to work.

“It really sucks but I’ve got to go now,” I said standing up, Jake looked up from the book A-level maths-Calculus and smiled.

“Okay, I’ll pick you up at lunch time and we’ll have a picnic on the beach,” he grinned, my brother, Max, was still not home from his band’s performance last night. He’d probably stayed at a friend’s house or, I dreaded to think, went home with a girl. I got into the small car and turned the keys, since I’d gotten back I’d learnt to drive, much to Jake’s aversion, the driving age was only 16 in Australia as apposed to 17 in the UK. Heading to my winter weekend job I was strangely happy, usually when I left Jake my heart sort of burned in my chest, as much as I hated the feeling I missed it now it was gone. I got out the car and pulled on my wetsuit,

“Hey Jade,” said Mark, my boss and friend,

“Sup?” I grinned and pulled out my surfboard,

“You have a group of 10 year-olds today,” he informed me, I signed in and headed to the beach to meet the team.

“Hey guys, my name’s Jade and I’m your surf instructor for today,” I smiled and sorted everyone out with their boards. “Right, lie on your surfboard, make sure your head is about quarter way up it, anyone know why?”

“You’ll nose dive!” Anna called,

“Very good Anna, we don’t want to nose dive because we’ll miss the wave. When you want to stand, grip your hands around the board and hop up, like this,” I noticed all the children’s attention was out towards sea.

“Shark!” one girl screamed,

“It’s a giant shark!” yelled Paul. I didn’t need to strain my eyes – due to having enhanced senses – to see they were being truthful. A giant Bull Shark swam far too close to the shore; I gritted my teeth, half angry half relieved. I knew something no one else knew,

“I guess no surfing for us today,” I said getting up; some children were relieved others wanted to travel closer to the shark. “No, don’t get any closer; you might see something you don’t like. For example the fact it might have a human inside,” I said smiling,

“What?! It ate someone?” asked a small boy horrified,

“No, I think you’ll find that shark is very similar to my boyfriend.” The boy’s eyebrows mashed together and he looked at me questioningly and confused. “We’ll have to arrange another time.” I called over the sound of the waves; I could hear the children discussing it from far away. “Everyone go back to Mark and he’ll talk to you about how unlikely shark’s are to attack.” I called. The children jogged back to the beach hut where the surf school was situated, I began to pick up the children’s boards off the sand and put them in the surf board holder. I looked back out to sea and smiled. Walking towards me, with the sea at his knees was a very attractive, dark, muscular boy, he winked and both he and I knew even from far off I could see, he shook out his hair like a dog - which was sort of ironic – and began to jog towards me.

The End

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