Power is Control.Mature


“Ass hole” I thought to myself sneering at the thought of that stupid little man. If it came to it, I know who would be the real deal if I managed to have a fight with him.


 I thought about taking revenge on that man Akil. Then decided against it, I don’t need to get myself into trouble, which isn’t necessary.


I went home to think about my actions, I really regretted letting Akil see how frustrated I was. I walked into my house - a building that I could never call a home, no matter how great the foundation was - and headed for my spell room. My relax zone. I sat in the middle of the room and crossed my legs. I could hear Demon in another part of the house and I let my mind wander. Allowing it to feel free of any hurt, pain and anguish.

 I was just Jadeon in this lifetime, a normal person, one could only hope.


I brought my mind back to my body. Thinking about what I could do for the evening, a great thought came to mind.

I could learn a new spell.


I read for an hour or two flicking through my father’s spell books. My father always told me that I would be fire mighty, being able to do and control the most unknown to the world, spells that could change everything, I just needed to focus, concentrate…


All the spells were still out of my league; I don’t have the power to control these spells. But I will someday and when the time comes. The world shall change forever.

The End

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