I was seven when I watched a dark Magician cast unimaginable spells on my father. Since then, I’ve been on my own, looking after myself.

My Mother took off when I was born, I don’t even know what she looks like. I had my father’s hair, eyes, nose - I was his mirror image. Even if I wanted to know what she looked like, I couldn't tell by looking at myself. There was absolutely nothing that made me think I had my mother in me; it saddened me, my father used to say she was a wonderful woman. If only…


Ten years had passed since my father had left me. That image still came back to me during slumber. Dark wisps of smoke, my fathers plea for help, the blood oozing from his facial orifices, his last cry to the world in which now I had to live in. These images haunted me from my childhood, and will probably carry on haunting me till the day I died.


I had no friends, I had powers that were incredibly potent and I had a dog. Yes, a dog. In my Wiccan community people stared at me with shock and also pity. The fact that my father had died and my mother abandoned me everybody thought they needed to bake me a casserole. I knew how to cook. Beans on toast were as good as any other damn casserole. The fact that I also had a dog made people think I was crazy. A wizard’s true familiar would be a cat. But I had always disliked cats, and when I saw Demon I knew he was mine. I heard him in my heart and I could feel him in my mind. We were a pact.

“Come on boy, come on.” I pulled on my German shepherd softly and I heard him yelp in happiness. As we entered the grocery store a man behind the counter stared into my moss coloured eyes. His name tag read ‘Akil’ and I couldn’t help but snort. He didn’t look intelligent.

“You can’t come in here with that.” His accent was thick and Arabian. Yet his skin was paler than mine.

“But everyone else can come in here with cats?” I made it sound like an insult and Akil visibly flinched.

“Yes, now leave!” This Akil turned nasty and I felt anger starting to course its way through my veins.


I scanned the area and closed my eyes. I called out for some goji berries and bay leaf. They appeared in my hands and I threw three shillings at Akil. I walked out with my groceries and slammed the door shut, Demon hot on my heels.

Nobody would talk to me like that and get away with it, nobody.

The End

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