Jade Pugh/Philip Dawson: Character Outline

The character outline for Jade's character, Philip, at the start of the story.

Name - Philip “Phil” Dawson
Age - 27
Personality - Intelligent, but without many thoughts of his own; a very in-the-box character who knows only to follow the rules. Creativity is not a prominent(or sometimes at all present) trait of his. He tends to stick to the manual of life, never finding it convenient to stray from the norms.
Physical Description - Light sepia/caramel skin tone with short, dark, kinky hair and brown eyes. About 6’2” and an endomorph/mesomorph build; well-shaven when in good health. He’s rarely seen out of uniform.
Role - Present-day protag. He's there when the blackout occurs.

The End

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