She danced in pools of starlight. Her pure white dress twirling around her, glowing in the thick blackness of the night. Jade. She had picing electric green-blue eyes with charcole black hair that went just past her sholders. She danced gracefuly and with such passion. She saw me and immediately stoped dancing. I realized I had been smiling the whole time. She stood there breathing hard and fast staring at me. I swallowed hard. I had no clue what to say. She stood there panting, "How long have you been standing there?" She asked me clearly annoyed and confused. "I-I-I, uhh..." I studdered. "Not....Well, uhh...Not to long." I answered in a weak voice. She looked down at her feet, they were dirty and bruised from dancing in bare feet on the hard dirt road. Her shoes were laying only a few feet away from me in a misty beam of moon light. I walked over to them and picked them up examining the white flowery design. I walked over to her and handed her shoes to her. "Thanks." she whispered looking up at me. "Your dancing, I mean, you dance, uhh..." I studdered. You dance like an angel." I finally said. She smiled at me. A beam of moon light shone down on her like a spotlight. She goled with a misty white, I swear she was an angel. Her soft smile was as red as newly buded roses in the morning dew. I looked into her green-blue eyes. They were like a green-blue sea crashing up against a blck shore. Her skin pale, but still had a faded creamy color. She put on her pure white and started walking up the deserted road, she turned and motioned for me to follow, and I did. I walked down the road with Jade, a soft smile covered her face. Weeping willows formed a path into a mossy forest. I stoped as she ran up to the edge of the pure black forest. "Come on!" she said motioning for me to follow. I tryed peering into the forest but all I could see was blackness. I slowly walked up to the weeping willows, they seemed to be...allmost crying and reaching out for help with their branches as if they were suffering a pain that was clearly deadly. The wind blew through the trees making a holwling sound that made it seem like they were screaming in agony, as if they were...allmost...warning me not to go in. I wanted to turn back and run, but a voice broke my trance, "Well?...Are you coming?" Jade asked me. "Uhh...Ya." I answered in a weak voice, coutiously moving forward. "Well then hurry up!" I ran up to Jade. She started walking into the dark forest. She took one steep in and she totaly disapeared. "Jade?" I called out. "Come on slow poke!" She shouted from behind the branches playfuly. I walked into the black forest, it was lighter inside, but only bright enough so that I could see Jade dancing in the shadows. She started singing a soft tune that rang throughout the forest, bouncing off the trees. I immeadeatly fell in love with the song and wanted to dance with her, but I knew I could never dance as magnificent as her. I wanted to fallow Jade forever in the forest, lisening to her song. We reached a small moon-lit lake and shes toped singing. My heart sank of the thought of her song coming to an end. "No! Don't stop singing!" I said in an eager voice. She looked at me with a puzzled face, but it brightened almost srait away. "You liked my song?" She asked me. "Of course! It was the most beautiful song I've ever heard!" She smiled at me. "Thanks," she replied. I sat down on the edge of the silvery lake frustrated that she wouldn't sing. She took off she shoes and sat down beside me slipping her feet into the lake. "Dip your feet in the water, it feels nice." She said. I did, a cold chill ran up through my body and back down again. "Whoa, did you feel that?" I asked her "Feel what?" "Uhh, nothing, nevermind." She stood up her feet ankle deep in the water and started to walk deeper into the strange, silvery water. She walked to knee deep in the water then turned and motioned for me to follow. So I stood up and followed her deeper into the water. I could see in the middle of the lake was a big black spot where the water got its deepest. The next things happened so fast I almost had no time to react. She was chest deep, while the water was about up to my waist. I examined the silvery water, running it through my fingers. She took one step into the darker water and I heard a pircing scream. I looked up at Jade just in time to see her being pulled under by the black water. "JADE!" I screamed, trying to get to where she was pulled under. I was one step away from reaching the black water when a black blob spputered out of the water. I fell back into the silvery water, but when I stood back up again the black water was gone and a pure black raven circled the sky over the moon lit lake.

The End

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