Jacob and Renesmee: True Love

Jacob imprinted on little Renesmee exactly four years ago, and Renesmee is now physicaly 17. She is technically four. But, she wants children and everyone is unsure, even Carlisle, about how it will turn out.

Chapter One: Flashback


  As me and Renesmee, my true love, cuddled silently on La Push beach, I had a flashback....


  "Jake," Renesmee said with her beautiful voice,"You make me so freaking happy. You do everything you can to protect me, even if it does put you in danger. When I was younger, you always helped me reach something, or if I needed help picking out and outfit and Alce wasn't there, you would always help me. I really love you Jacob Black, you are my life"

"Renesmee, you are the love of my life. If you are with me you will never be in danger, I love you too." And then we kissed.


  "Jake, what are you thinking about?" Nessie asked.

   "About the first time you said you loved me." I smiled and she looked up at me and she returned that smile. I kissed her lightly, and then Edward walked in, and she didn't even notice. "Er, Nessie,"

  "Oh!" she exclaimed when she realized we weren't alone anymore.

  "Nessie, its time to go home, say your goodbyes."

  "Love you, Jake." she said before she kissed me.

    "I love you, Ness" and I pulled her face down once more and kissed her.

         And, so the lion fell in love with the lamb, I thought as I replayed that flashback over and over again.

Edward heard my thought and smiled. Had no idea why. The whole 'imprinting on remesmee' wasn't Edwards fave topic.

       I continued to sit there on the beach, thinking about my true love, and whether or not I should propose to her. I decided that in time I would.

   When I got home, dad was with Charlie, watching a Sunday night football game.

  I sighed and went to bed, dreaming of the only girl I will ever love forever, even after I die, I will meet her in heaven, and we will always be together.

    Renesmee....my true love, and mine to hold, fovrever and ever and ever.

  I woke up about five minutes later. Remembering that I had left the bracelet that I forgot to give to Renesmee there.  When I got there I saw Nessie running towards me.

The End

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