Jackson's LoveMature

The touching backstory of a character from the Violet World.

I laid with the woman I had come to love wrapped in my arms, her golden hair trailing across my chest in waves as she snuggled closer in her sleep. I was feeling an indescribable feeling of wholeness as I drifted off to sleep. As I slept, I dreamed. It was a distant memory, of someone I had loved long ago. She was like Kacey in many ways, headstrong, brave, beautiful, and at times aggravating to say the least.
It was the year 1995, I was working for the Sun King. I was still young then, an officer in his security team. He resided over a large town, populated solely by fae of the Sun, and employees of the Crown. Her name was Honor. She was beautiful beyond words. Slim, but muscular, she towered above me in height, and surpassed me in battle in many ways. She was Chief Security for the King. She was about to go out on a mission, scouting the area for vampires, we were alone in her room. We couldn't meet like this often, she would have been frowned upon for fraternising with me. She was Sun fae, and should only be with others of her kind.
I remembered the cold night breeze brushing across my back as she drew me into her arms. "We don't have long, but I had to see you." She whispered into my ear. I kissed her then, her voluptuous lips wrapping around mine like part of a jigsaw puzzle. Her tongue probed lightly into my mouth as we fell onto the bed. Her hands were everywhere, as were mine. There was no time that night for romance, only raw lust.
Half an hour later, we lay sated in each others arms. She laid a light kiss on my chest and sat up, "I must go. The others will be waiting."                                                                                                I nodded, stroking her arm as she stood, "I love you."                                                                  She looked back at me, her eyes brimming with emotion, "And I you, Jackson." She left, and I had to get dressed. I had work to do soon. I made my way up to the roof of the building, ready to take over the night shift. From here, I could see near enough the whole village, plus a little bit of the woods beyond. Fuller, the guy who had been working before me, clapped me on the back as I approached, "Jackson, have fun up here, haven't even had a whisper of trouble, you'll be bored to death."                                                                  I smiled, "I'm sure I will Fuller, don't you have somewhere to be?"                                            He laughed, "I get the message, I'll get out of your hair kid." I took my perch on the roof, watching the town with eagle eyes. I know now, my eyes were only really for Honor. She commanded her crew like a queen among her subjects, always knowing the best way to do things. They were headed out to the woods behind the town. Vampires had been known to hide in the trees there, spying on us, on our King. We were at war, the vampires, and their leader, a Demon named Kydent, intent on wiping us out.                                                It was as they started to disappear into the woods that I saw it. A dark form, sprang down from a tree, grabbing hold of the last two men in the group. They were swung up into the trees, falling back down to the ground with an almighty thud. I flipped the lid on the alarm button, ready to push, when the alarm sounded.                                                                            Across the building, lights flashed to signal where the alarm had been set. The house had been breached. I hesitated, torn between running to my fellow Officer's aid, or Honor's.                                                                                                                                                                    I leapt over the wall at the top of the roof, landing with a roll on the pavement below, I broke off towards the trees at a run. I'd made my choice. I skidded into the forest, jumping over the fallen, in an effort to reach her. My eyes were wide, I had never seen so many vampires together, there were too many to count. There were only a few of her men left, bravely fighting off every one that they could, bursts of sunlight and fire lighting up the forest.                                                                                                                                                                    I made a beeline for the group around Honor. They were like rabid dogs, jumping in and out of the fight.I broke through the group, skidding to a halt beside her. We moved so we were back to back, and I heard her voice ring out, "What the fuck are you doing here?"                                                                                                                                                                I was breathless, panting as I shouted back, fending off attacks as I did, "The house has been breached, I saw them take your men, I'm here to help."                                                            "You would have been more help at the house." I winced, but knew she didn't mean it that way, she was right, I should have stayed behind.                                                                               What happened in the next moment, I would remember forever. It happened in minutes, hard to remember fully, even now. A vampire leapt for Honor, who was already fending off two of them on the other side of her. I tried to stop him, but was tackled in mid leap, and could only watch on helplessly as he landed on her shoulders. The force crumpled her to her knees, her face twisting in agony. He grabbed each side of her face and gave a rough twist. I shouted,  garbled nonsense, as I watched her now lifeless body fall to the floor. Her arm fell outwards, hand pointing in my direction, her eyes, now dull and void of life, trained on me.                                                                                                                                                  I howled in anguish, rage filling me like never before. In seconds, my whole body was bathed in flames, pulsing outwards consuming everything in their path. I woke to an empty and blackened forest and my lover's remains.                                                                                           I awoke with a gasp, heart pumping, sweating, until I remembered where I was. I wasn't there, not anymore. I would never forget Honor, I knew that, but I had a new love now, and I intended to keep it this time.

© Elouise Field 2014

The End

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