Jackie's Story

On her 12th birthday, Jackie's parents and brother were killed by a stranger who was never caught. Now, six years later, her two favorite younger cousins have been kidnapped and Jackie will stop at nothing and let nothing stop her from finding her cousins and bringing justice to the people who took them.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear, a beautiful day for her 12th birthday.  She rolled out of bed around eight o'clock and threw open the curtains to admire the morning and the chirping of the birds.  Her father had the day off and was making french toast; she could smell its delicious smell , even at the other end of the house.  It smelled like heaven.   She left her room and sat down to breakfast with her family.  They greeted her with a Happy Birthday! and her parents kissed her good morning.  After breakfast, she finished getting ready for what she hoped would be the best day of her life so far.  Except maybe Disney World a couple years ago; that was very fun.  Jackie wandered into the living room, spotted the next book in her favorite series, and was soon lost to the real world, fully immersed in her favorite activity: reading.

The End

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