Jackie: Chapter 2

I looked at the golden coconuts falling around me and laughed as the munchkin man who had an orange afro tickled my feet. I looked down at the ground below me, It looked a kazillion light years away when in actual fact it was only a ladder away.

I jumped up at the sound of a ding-dong noise and saw the pigogram flutter to my feet and to hear it's messsage I pulled it's furry tail and relaxed as it announced that the new microwave will be deliverd to my tree-house shortly. I pulled out my fake vampire teeth and said "The ding-dong upon the furry mountain top will be along shortly my dear orange afro man." I smiled at him and bowed deeply as I made my way over to the kitchen table and clambered onto the top of it! I pulled one of the flowers off the stem and started to chew on it as I made my way down the hole and down the ladders.

I felt the squirrel who lived underneath me start tapping me on the back as it said, "The worthy wolves will be along shortly!" It squealed, I laughed and said "There is nothing they can do to hurt me!"

I jumped down and fell flat on my face.

The End

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