The scene

 Jackie looked at the body, it was hardly anything human could have done this. The body was lying on the street, her hands and feet bound together.  The girl had been pretty, that was until somebody had attacked her with a knife. Her face was mutilated with cuts, and someone had made her mouth appear longer by cutting the edges.

"Have you found a cause of death?" asked Jackie. Lara, the medical examiner, stood away from the body and looked at Jackie. "It was that was a blow to the head, which doesn't quite fit when the killers profile so far. The cuts seem to have appeared premortem. A blow on the head is quite rash." Explained Lara.

"Poor girl was tortured before death." Sighed Jackie. She knew she was the voice in this world to help avenge the poor people whose lives had been cruelly taken from. This was just another human casualty of the human instinct. "Get CSU to sweep the area, we might get a bit of luck with some prints. And don't forget to take the body in the morgue, I think she's been outside long enough." Commanded Jackie. Lara nodded and went about instructing people. 

The End

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