Jack's mouth fell open, a squished scone still clutched in his fingers.

"What. Is. That?" He annunciated slowly. The thing, for that is all that the abomination could possibly be called, pranced merrily from the bushes.

"Ohmigawdhai!" it whinnied somehow, the words, if the noises the thing made did indeed carry meaning, a cruel mockery of human speech. The closest thing it could be said to resemble was a caricature of a horse, though it glittered and glistened in spots that no horse glitters, glistens, or otherwise. "I'm, like, a ponylolz!"

"Why is there an ice cream cone of your forehead?" Jack questioned, fear in his voice. Paddytum was hid behind a corner of the blanket, but Tasha sat stoic with jaw firm set. Penelope, however, was missing from the scene.

"Ahhhh, like, ohmigawd I love ice creams, lawl!" the thing that called itself a ponylolz said. "Rainbow ice creams with glitter sprinkles and sunshine syrup. OMG yum!"

Jack's left eye twitched. "And is that why there's an ice cream cone on your forehead?" The thing did indeed have an odd protrusion sprouting from its forehead region.

"No, silly, lawls! It's, like, a horn!"

"Is it... cancerous?"

The ponylolz collapsed in a fit. It might have been laughter, but from the wheezing noises and frantic kicks of its hooves it might have been a seizure. Or demonic possession.

"Definitely demonic possession," Jack whispered. With those words, Penelope appeared back on the scene, carrying a large, black case.

Tasha eyed it carefully, and then asked, "That's not your gun case, is it, Penny?"

"My name," the woman fumed, "is not Penny." She dropped the case to the ground where it opened with a click.

Jack's eyes widened as when the contents spilled out. Paddytum buried himself deeper in the blanket. Tasha clucked her tongue and shook her head. Ponylolz still convulsed on the grass.

"Is that...?"

"Yes, Jacky," she spoke seriously. "Squids."

The End

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