Jack followed Tasha over to where her picnic was set out under the spreading bows of a cedar tree. True to her word, there was Paddytum in his little red coat and black galoshes, sat opposite his very own Penelope. A blanket laden with food and drink lay between the two characters. Tasha Sat down at the end of the blanket, white Jack sat next to Penelope.

“Hi there,” Jack said sitting down next to her. But Penelope just glared at hm over her tea cup.

“Would you care for some tea Jack?” Tasha asked.

“Ohh, yes please,” Jack said. “And are those buiscits?”

“What? No.” Tash looked confused.

“Oh,” Jack said sadly.

“They're scones,” Tash told him. “You cut then in half, put butter on them, then cream then strawberry jam,” she added, demonstrating. So jack did so and squished the two halves together then tried to stuff the whole pile in his mouth, getting covered with jam and cream and scone crumbs in the process.

“Mrfle nfle,” Jack said, his moth full and a big smile on his face. Penelope frowned at him.

“Honestly Jacky, you're such a mess,” said Penelope throwing him a serviette.

“Thanks Penny, but don’t call me Jacky.”

“Then don't call me Penny,” Penelope said and went back to sipping tea.

Just then, there came a smashing sound from the bushes and out came...

The End

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