Behind him stood a stunning blond woman, in a beautiful white dress. He hair fell like a river of gold, curling over her shoulders and down her back. Jack stood stunned by her magnificence as she drew back one dainty hand and smacked him in the chops.

“Jack Rubberchicken, don’t you dare think of hurting those poor defencless little animals!” Tasha Noble told him.

“Ow,” said Jack. Then after a thought, “But they make such good practice for when I have to use my Ban-Hammer on trolls.” Tasha thought about that for a moment.

“While you have a good point,” she said. “You should still use tin cans, just like every one else. You don’t see Eloo running around shooting at bunnies and squirrels, do you?”

Jack fidgeted and lowered his head.

“No, Tash,” he said. Tasha gave him an appraising look, and appraised that he was suitably abashed.

“Why don’t you come join my picnic?” she suggested. “Paddytum is there, and so is...

The End

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