Jack of All Trade

Jack and his crew of The Renaissance have just found a long lost artifact. but it is not just any artifact it is an alien ship!

Chapter One

Jack sat back on his command chair, bright silver eyes glowing. His energy barely contained waiting for him to explode into action as he watches the artifact on the screen get bigger with intense concentration. As his ship “The Renaissance” maneuvers closer, the thrusters synchronizing with their target’s movements without problems. Jack’s lips curled into a satisfied smile, his hands releasing their iron grip on the arms of his chair.  for the artefact is not just any artefact it’s an alien ship a Forerunner ship in fact, at least that is what he hopes it is.

“Have you scanned the area Melly”? Jack asks his navigational AI on her slot on the computer console in front of his command chair, His eyes never leaving their target even for a second.

Of course, she said in a slightly less sarcastic tone. A monitor acts as her face which is currently frowning at him. Arachnid is scanning right now.

Are you sure? Jack asks not able to help himself, turning his head slightly to hide his grin. In truth they had been scanning for other spacecrafts since they embark on their journey, hiding and evading others when necessary. They did not want others to infringe on their possible find.

“Of course, I’m sure” she retorted.

Hmm still angry, Need to change the subject he thought. Well there she is. Now do you believe that it’s real? Jack asks, pointing his hand at the ship looming before them. The ship is About 400 meters long quite larger than his own. 

“Well we are still not sure that it is the ship we are looking for” she answered. Still… it is still good work Jack she said, whatever it is, and it’s clear that it has been abandoned for many years. Jack ignored the softening of her tone, waving the praise away.  That would fetch us a lot of money once we secured it, she continued obviously cheering up on the prospect. Not that credits are a problem right now. They have invested wisely through the years. And jack suspects that the sisters are concealing accounts from him not that he mind as long as the ship runs well.

Amelia is right dear, Good job Lizzie my Medical AI said. Even though you just got lucky she added. Jacks grin fell, Lizzie’s jabs are little more subtle designed to cut his ego in half.

She got you there Jack, Melly said.

They are right boss, Arachnid added.

Oh there are times when Jack truly regrets allowing his AI’s to evolve and change their personalities. Why they chose a female form is beyond him, and he may never know for they refuse to enlighten him. Amelia or Melly as she preferred to be called took her name from Amelia Earhart of Earth the first female to fly the Atlantic Ocean solo. Her Avatar’s body is conical, four feet in diameter and Red chromed with silver Chromed scattered here and there, her job is to pilot and navigate the ship. Lizzie or Elizabeth’s name came from Elizabeth Blackwell who was the first woman to graduate from medical school (M.D.) and a pioneer in educating women in medicine and acts as our ship doctor and historian. Her body is also conical in shape unlike Melly or arachnid hers is sterile white in color.

Jack sighed, they are right though. Not that he would voice that out loud. They were on Bond a pleasure planet relaxing when he heard the rumor of a spaceship that was lost in the system long ago, apparently the Bonds found ruins on their planet that have some intact information regarding the lost craft. Unfortunately for scientist and fortune hunters alike nearly all information was destroyed aside from the fact that a Forerunner ship is lost somewhere on their system. No maps, No navigational charts, that is why Melly is a little miffed when jack dragged them all back on ship to find a needle on a haystack, separating her from her words is a hunky chunk of metal. Fortunately for them there were no ships that were found, that is forerunner in origin. Meaning it is still out there. Jack hoped since he was relying heavily on his gut, he has learned to trust his instincts over the years. The life of a spacer is very dangerous no matter how prepared one is.

They spent the time on transit analysing the data they downloaded pre departure. Jack had a hell of a time convincing the others to help excep Arachnid who adopted a militry kind of mindset.

Jack would never admit his disappointment especially to three women, when at first they did not find the ship on the asteroid field near the semi gas giant “Disco”. Until he realized that it may have been drag by the planets huge gravity nearer to its rings and may have been mistaken as one of the thousands of tiny moons orbiting the planet. Now seeing it jack understands why it was so difficult to find because it is so much smaller than his own ship only about 75 squaremetrers. It’s partially hidden from view by dust clouds also orbiting the planet creating the massive rings. Their shields were turned on the whole time when they entered the ring itself.

The whole search took longer than expected because they did not want to have undue attention. But hah- they found it. Jack let the euphoria of discovery washing the weariness away.

Jack turned to his right. What do you think Arachid he asks  his weapons AI, “I agree with Amelia we still do not have positive confirmation boss”.

But look at it, it’s the only derelict ship around this system, jack protested.

We see it dear but it might not necessarily be an artefact and Don’t forget that it might have belonged to anyone and if it is a Forerunner ship, it would most likely be a meddler ship since the other known forerunner races although having their own designs still follows the same template of their own race and almost all have been documented.  The meddlers are the sole exception, you know that every individual to that race designs their own ships to “express their individualism”. I grant you that it’s possible that it is undocumented but I doubt it. So either it would be a modern one which will still fetch us a pretty penny or a forerunner meddler ship. Remember that race is a very individualistic. The only way to determine its origins is to board it.

Then we board it, jack said looking at Arachnid who is accompanying him. Ready the transport jack ordered his silver eyes gleaming.

The End

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