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JACK MAGIC Chapter 3

The regular hustle and bustle of Wizard Alley rang through the Victorian-styled street. Wizards and witches made their way up and down the narrow, winding street, buying all manner of odds, ends, spells, potions, and most importantly; wands.

"What you'll want…is a Maplewood, stork feather," said Ollivander, owner of Ollivander's Wand shop from the top of a long ladder as he reached for a small box containing a new wand. He eased his way down the rickety, old ladder and went back to the front counter.

"Here you are," he said to the young wizard, his usual smile slightly on his withered face.

The boy took it with the sense of wonderment Ollivander was happy to see with every sale.

"Thank you very much," said the boy's mother, handing Ollivander the gold coin that was owed.

The family exited the shop as Ollivander waved them off. No sooner was Ollivander getting back to the many shop tasks he had to deal with, did another host of people enter. Ollivander quickly erased his look of minor aggravation and turned on his heel back to the customers with a joyful grin.

"Hello, and how can I be of service?" he asked cheerily. The three men who entered were not Ollivander's usual customers. They were dressed in fine suits and looked to have different business than purchasing wands. The man at the front of the group scanned the room authoritatively, and then accosted Ollivander.

"We're from The Ministry," the tall wizard said.

Ollivander was taken aback. "What business would the Ministry have at this old shop?" Ollivander said with a chuckle, trying to hurry the conversation.

"A number of inquiries have been made on your person, Mr. Ollivander," the Ministry goon said dead pan. "We believe…" he paused, running a gloved hand over a nearby stack of wand boxes, "that you never actually finished school."

The old shopkeep froze in terror.

Have they figured me out?! he thought. No, this can't be!

"And without question…you have not." The thug slapped a paper down on Ollivander's desk.

Ollivander examined the parchment and noticed that it was his certificate of completion, written hastily in crayon.

"There must be some mistake…" the old man said.

"There's no mistake, Mr. Ollivander. You must either close down your shop…or return to The School!"

The words hung menacingly in the air. Ollivander considered the ultimatum for a minute. He dreaded the thought of returning to The School, but he even more so dreaded the thought of losing his shop. With much moaning and quite a bit of sobbing, Ollivander was packed and on his way to his wizard car. A single message was left behind on a screaming letter for his wife: "I have to go back to school! Goodbye!"

Ollivander felt out of place on the train to School. Beside him was a particularly insolent first year. He tried hard to focus on the window and the moving scenery behind it. Memories of failing exams, getting dumped by witches, and being bored came floating back to him in succession. The ride across the lake was just as awkward, and the walk to the main hall was by far the worst. The headmaster and the rest of the staff gawked at the rickety old wand-maker as if he were a homeless man stumbling into The School. The sorting hat, already appearing perturbed by the year's antics, sat in loathsome anticipation.

Professor MgGee mumbled something profane to the charms professor beside her, and The Headmaster just shook his head, a look of pure disapproval strewn across his face. Ollivander, ashamed, sat down on the stool and the sorting hat was unceremoniously placed on his head.<

"Huuuuh. Uh. Yellow trim?" the hat said.

"That's fine," The Headmaster said quickly, becoming angry at an alarming pace. "You'll want to be on yer way to the common room then, Mr. Ollivander."

The frightened man was quickly rushed out of the room. Unsure of where to go, as no one properly told him, Ollivander wandered aimlessly through the halls. He eventually stumbled upon the changing stairs.

"Perhaps up here?"

With surprising vigor, he began to ascend to the next floor, but when he reached the higher platform, the stairs suddenly shifted and Ollivander was turned to a wall.

"Oh, bother! Just like when I was a boy!"

A painting of a miserly old wizard stood to mock him "Back for more, eh, wand maker?! Try jumping!"

"Very well!" Ollivander said back. "I will!"

The now anxious wand maker positioned himself at the head of the stairs and waited for them to shift again. They began to move, but missed the next platform altogether. Ollivander made a desperate leap and barely managed to grab the ledge. He hung a whole floor up, which seemed like wizard Mount Everest to his failing vision. Mustering all his strength, he pulled himself up, much to the amusement of the paintings.

"Way to go, Ollivander! Nice try! The next Diagon Alley Ninja Warrior!" they said sarcastically.

"Oh," he said, trying to catch his breath. Looking up, he realized there were still seven more stories to go.


With every floor he visited, he was unable to locate the common room. Seven floors up, and seven jumps later, most of which nearly claimed his life, he was at last encountered by a prefect.

"Oh, the yellow trim common room is on the first floor by the kitchens."

End of Chapter 3

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