Meeting "The Man"

Looking at the street sign, Jack felt suddenly uneasy. Fifth street, that's what it said, but really? This was no street. Garbage cans all over the place, each and every single house looked about a hundred years old. This street wasn't even Ghetto!

Jack shook his head and laughed. He must have gotten the directions wrong!

Well, either way, he thought. I have to at least try to find this green dumpster.

Walking along the street, he didn't notice that he had passed the dumpster. Twice, in fact.

Jeez! I've somehow gone in circles, Jack thought, surprised at his own drunkenness.

He made his way to the door, knocked three times, and entered. The corridor was dark, damp, and long. Sighing, he started his long walk through the building.

A few minutes later, he arrived at another door. Scratch that. It wasn't a door.

Jack started suddenly. This must be the curtain I have to go through. I made it! But wait... I can't make a sound going through. This is ridiculous!

Slowly putting his hand through, he worked slowly but efficiently at getting through.

Finally into the empty room, he noticed a small table with a lamp on it and a chair with one leg missing. The lamp wasn't plugged in, but was somehow emitting a dim light.

"Ello?" He slurred. "Ello, is anyone there? I was tole to come here for trainin'! Hey!"

"So I see you've made it through... Very good."

Jack whirled to face the shadow at his left. "Who're you?"

"My name is Dennick. I will be your guide. If you want to be trained, you will have to go through three tasks."

Jack heard himself gulp, his breath quickening. "Tasks? This isn't like one of those 'Saw' movies, is it?"

The man laughed. "No. Nothing like that. You won't get hurt, I promise you. Any suffering you go through down here, you put yourself through it. Anything that happens to you down here, you are responsible for. Will you accept the challenge?"

Jack's head was spinning. Where am I? Who is this man, who calls himself Dennick?

The man, Dennick, left the shadows and stepped into the light of the solitary lamp.

He was ordinary looking, with chestnut hair and dark eyes. Tanned skin gave way to a nicely pressed light grey tux and a light blue tie.

"Yes. I want my life to be better. I don' wanna live this way anymore. I accept."

"Good. Come and sit in this chair." Jack complied. "Put both your hands on this table. Look at the lamp. Just concentrate on letting your mind go blank. Now think Darkness." The lamp suddenly went out.

"Hey! What just happened!"

The man's voice was confusingly soothing. "Just calm yourself. Make your mind go blank and think Light." The lamp came back on.

"Now, for your third test..." Both men turned to face the left side of the room. A light suddenly turned on, and Jack followed it. He followed the lights, not realizing Dennick was right behind him.

"You passed." Jack jumped. "You passed all three tests." They came to a dark door. "You may start your training."

Dennick opened the door for Jack and pushed him through. Stumbling, Jack was only aware of a bright light before the door closed with a clang behind him.

"Hello, Jack. How are you?" The woman's voice was musical, flirty. Looking up, Jack was stunned.

The woman was beautiful. Light blonde hair flowed past turquoise eyes and full lips, over small shoulders and across her breasts, only to stop in a puddle on the woman's lap. She was pale, not in a way that made her look sickly, but in a way that made the veins on her neck look slightly blue. Her appearance, coupled with an ankle-length light pink skirt with a cut from the hem to the thigh of her long slender legs, was breathtaking.

"G-good. And y-you?" Jack felt his knees knocking together. Being in the presence of a woman this beautiful was affecting him in a way he had never known.

"Very good, now that you've arrived."

"Who are you?" He asked in wonder, staring into her eyes.

"Me? I am Aleksandria, and I will train you."

The End

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