Jack; he's like a dog...

You'll have to read it...

   Jack was stood in the front garden, waiting. He always waited in the front garden at this time every day. It was around this time that Billy came home from school each day. 

Jack was very excited; he paced around the garden, his tongue hanging out of his mouth; his tail waging furiously. 

Jack could hear the sound of children talking. He peered over the hedge and down the road. He couldn't see Billy yet. 

He twisted his head, this way and that; he was like an excited kid in a sweetshop. 

Suddenly he froze. His eyes widened , he'd know that voice anywhere. He started to run in small circles. He was now very excited. His tail started to wag. He nearly knocked over a plant pot. 

A rucksack came flying over the hedge. Jack sniffed it, just invade there was anything delicious inside, but there wasn't. 

Seconds later, the gate flung pine and a skinny little lad with messy blonde hair ran I to the garden; it was Billy. 

Billy had barely set foot on the path as Jack came to greet him. Jack licked him so feverishly, Billy nearly lost his footing. 

Jack was now almost dancing; his toothy grin for all to see. 

Billy opened the front door and shouted in. 

"Mum. Can I play in the garden?"

"Yes. But please be careful," came the reply. 

Billy raced down the little alley beside the house which led to the garden. 

He waved at Jack. "C'mon boy."

Billy was now in the garden. It was a beautiful garden which was his Dads pride and joy. Flowers of all colours bordered the lush green lawn. It was amazing that his Dad kept it looking so good, what with Jack always running around. 


With that, Jack entered the garden. Billy ran around and Jack gleefully chased him. 

After that they played catch. Jack was very good at this. He could catch things high in the air. 

Jack then bowed down. Billy knew what was coming; this was his favourite part. 

He climbed into Jacks back, slithered up his body and sat just behind his head. 

Billy gave him a pat in the head and Jack then stood up. 

Billy could see for what seemed like miles. He could see his school, he could see Mrs Green's knickers hanging on the line; he looked up and saw a plane. He reached up, feeling he could touch it. 

Billy's mum popped her head out of the back door. 

"You boys be careful, ok?"

"Yes Mum," said Billy. 

Billy and Jack played until it was time for dinner. By this time, Billy was leant against Jack who was laying on the floor, dozing. They were both tired. 

Billy loved Jack, and Jack loved Billy. 

Billy felt he was the luckiest little boy alive; who else has a pet Tyrannosaurus Rex.

The End

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