Sally: Surrounded by shadowsMature

There happened to be an open sewer cap and Sally was dragged into it by Jack, watching the shadows run into each other. Jack still had her by her collar and they were flying through that sewers. Boy did it smell bad. Sally managed to scooch herself over a little, which was really hard to do while flying, so that she wouldn’t be touching the terrible smelling human feces.

She was really confused and being dragged around by some flying teenager wasn’t helping.

“Um. Can you tell me what the heck is happening?” She shouted.

“What?” The boy shouted back.

“What’s happening!”

“Oh. Um, we’re being chased by a bunch of shadows.”

That was helpful. If she had been blind. Suddenly, the boy made a sharp turn upwards and they bursted out of the sewers and into the clear day. Car fumes never smelled so good before.

The shadows were nowhere to be seen. She saw the boy relax a little. He flew around aimlessly before he finally landed in her school parking lot.

“Here.” He said with a puff.

“Uh, thanks?” Sally said as she brushed off his hand and walked towards the car.

“Wait!” The boy shouted.

“What?” Sally demanded, not without some degree of annoyance.

“Uh. Nevermind.” The boy look surprised at her annoyance. “Well... Uh.. I guess I’ll be leaving.”

“Alright.” But just then, Sally noticed the shadows creeping up behind him. “Careful! Behind you!” She shouted. The boy whipped around and whacked the shadow with his staff or cane like thing. He backed up and pushed Sally behind him. The shadows hissed and crawled near them. This time they were stuck. The shadows formed a sphere around them. The boy couldn’t just fly away again. He grabbed her hand again.

“Ok. We’re going to get out of here.” He said slightly bewildered.

“Uh. Sure.” Sally didn’t think that was quite possible.

“You have trust me.” The boy stared at her with his deep brown eyes. Sally just notice how much they looked like hers. “Please.”

“I-, Fine.” She was still unconvinced but there was nothing else she could do. The boy closed his eyes and seemed to focus on something. The shadows were still closing in.

The End

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