Jack: A Trio of ShadowsMature

Jack whipped around and flew at the shadows. Maybe he couldn’t freeze them but he had an idea. They got closer and closer. Jack flew harder and faster. They were about to crash when suddenly Jack dropped stopped and dropped down towards the ground. The shadows roared forward, confused what had just happened. They couldn’t stop themselves and kept on going forward at an alarmingly fast speed, eventually crashing into a building. Jack release his breath that he had been holding. There. that should do it. He thought as he landed on a nearby roof with Sally watching the shadows crash and explode. But instead of disappearing, the shadows started forming together again. Jack stared wide eyed as the shadows now turned into three long strips of black lines. They rose up into the air and hisses at him, obviously very pissed. Great. Jack grabbed Sally again and jumped up into the air. The wind pushed them up and Jack flew towards the clouds. The shadows were hot on their trails and it was not helping that their were three now. The trails split up into three directions and weaving back and forth trying to get to them.

Jack weaved through streets and around buildings, causing quite a commotion but there was nothing else he could do. Suddenly he stopped at an intersection. The three trails of shadows had split up and cornered him in that intersection. They creeped up on him cautiously, afraid of any other tricks he might throw. Now would be a great time to have frost. Jack thought as he floated there with Sally waiting on the attack. Suddenly all three shadows lunged forward. Sally screamed and Jack fell. Everything went black.

The End

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