Sally: Up in the airMature

Being grabbed by the collar and dragged into the sky as the last thing in Sally’s mind as she rose higher and higher off the ground. What in the world was happening? All she knew was that, in the past 20 minutes, she was just stuffed into an orange car, thrown into an alleyway, almost got tied down by a bunch of shadows and was now dragged into the sky by some mysterious boy with a staff. She shivered as the wind blew past her.

“You ok?” The boy asked her.

“It’s kind of cold!” She said as she shivered.

“I know! I’ll get you down soon.” He turned around just to see the shadows pursuing them.

“Shit.” He whispered as if he didn’t know that they were chasing him. He hovered for a moment deciding what to do. Suddenly, he took a sharp turn and flew back towards the shadows.

“Hold on tight! This is going to be rough!” He yelled.

The End

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