Jack: The ChaseMature

Watching your sister being carried away by a bunch of thugs was bad enough, not to mention that it was hard enough finding her in the first place. When Jack had finally found her, she was being stuffed into the car and he couldn’t do anything about it.

Jack chased after the trail of the car which drove away crazily, seeming to bump into everything. He half ran and half flew until he stopped abruptly in front of a dark alleyway where the car drove into. It was shadowy and no light seemed to shine in. The entire place seemed sketchy. He took a few careful steps as he looked around the alleyway with the little light that there was. He guarded himself with his staff, but if something really did try to attack him, his best bet was probably to run. He walked a little farther down the alleyway. It got narrower and narrower, to the point where he thought that there was no way a car could have gotten here. He took a few more steps when he heard a voice and jumped behind a trash can.

“Tie her up on the pole. I want him to be able to see her.” It growled. Jack peeked up from behind the trash can and saw a large black shadowy man standing there watching as the shadows tried to tie down Sally. She was fighting back hard and the shadows kept on losing grip on her. She almost slid out of their grasps quite a few times. 

“Oh, you idiots! You can’t even tie a girl down.” The man hissed and grabbed the rope from their hands. He leaned forward and was about to press Sally down when she kicked out and hit him hard in the crotch.

“Ooo...” Jack winced as he watch the shadow bent over and gasp. Sally wiggled free and started running away. The shadows stared at her stupidly.

“Don’t just stare! Go get her!” He gasped. The shadows looked at each other, then they started chasing after her. Sally looked back in surprised and screamed, running forward even faster. Jack reached out, grabbed her and pulled her behind the barrel. She almost screamed and Jack had to cover her mouth mouth just to muffle one. He put his finger on his lips.

“Shhh... Don’t make a sound or we’re going to get caught.” He whispered. Sally nodded fearfully. Jack peeked over the barrel and saw the shadows standing around confused as to where the girl had gone. “Ok. We’re just going to sneak out. Alright?” He asked her softly. She nodded. They both got and up and started sneaking out, hiding behind trash cans and boxes so that the shadows wouldn’t see them. They were just about out when their shadow’s gave them away.

“Over there!” They screeched and rushed after them. Jack looked back in surprise and, with no other idea in mind, grabbed Sally and flew up into the sky. The man had recovered by now and stared at Jack with surprise.

“Why can he still fly?” He growled as he sent the shadow’s after them.

The End

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